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Custom Image request


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I'm looking for help creating a new icon/Avatar to use. It's going to be in the Ed Roth art style, called Snotball.


Unfortunately I'm not too sure on what'd be a suitable size. I'd be looking to use it not just as an Avatar but for several other things, so a larger size would be better suited.


What I'm looking for is essentially what the name suggests. A Snotball, heavily inspired by, and done in the style of, Ed Roth. similar to the images linked below, it would simply be a rough ball shape with a face, with the effect of it flying through the air, freshly flicked. In several of his works, Ed Roth would make his creations excessively wrinkled for detail, in this instance the Snotball would be "dripping" instead, with a slimy appearance instead of wrinkles.


Image A;                                                                                               Image B;




The colour scheme would be taken from Image A mostly, with lighter/vibrant shades of green.


For what I'm looking for, Image A is almost perfect save for minor details. The image would be without any accessories including helmets and facial hair, literally just a face on a ball-shaped body. the mouth on Image A is almost perfect, the tongue could appear slightly more blown back. The skin, as mentioned above would look more slimy than wrinkly, similar to the green drool by the mouth but with slightly more detail like the skin. The eyes placement on Image A is good, but I'd like them to be bulging more and looking forward similar to Image B, though not to such an extreme. The last bit of details would be just small flecks of slime/saliva dripping off behind the Snotball as the image would potray it as recently flicked, so it'd be flying through the air.


I've only recently found this section of the forums so I apologise if I've laid this request out badly or haven't met the request rules, and would be greatly appreciative of any amount of help given towards creating this image. Thanks.

Edited by SickBoy
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