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Gta:Fan Fiction Notes.

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I can't formulate a legit story right now but I figured I would write down notes about a fanfiction I had in mind. I figured I'd get the notes down and maybe even get some discussion going,



*Michael Holtz: The Biological son of Johnny Klebitz and Ashely Butler. Named after Johny's Brother. Adopted Son of Aaron 'The Jew' Holtz and Fran Holtz. A graduate of Bullworth Academy.


*Aaron Holtz: Michael's Adoptive father, Friend of Johnny Klebitz, Treasurer of the 'Twice Damned' Motorcycle Club.


*Meranda Bautista: Filipino Mechanic, Friend of Michael, Her brother Raul is a drug addict.


James Trevelyan: A rich preppy fake-british type, but non-the-less a friend of Michael.



*Twice Damned MC: A support club for The Lost MC, Only has one Chapter in Bullworth, New Hampshire. Not based off of any real life or GTA MC i just thought Twice Damned sounded cool.



At Least the begining will be in New Hampshire, I'm tempted to bring it to Los Santos or a Stephan King Styled Maine both is a good possibility.


I'm also a big fan of the World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade and such, so might have a few things from that world show up and be in the plot.


Aaron Heading his own chapter of the MC?



 *Michael having recently graduated will ask Aaron about his real father which Aaron will give him a beer and do so,

*In a quest to find some understanding he and his friends will take a trip to Los Santos where some living members of The Lost MC who knew Johnny are.

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