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Hitching Rails & Horse Poo.

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According to some info I read the common misconception is that Hitching Rails were used everywhere when in fact they were few in far between until a certain time period.





1. Horses tied in front of a store will quickly produce large piles of smelly and fly-attracting manure. That situation was not conducive to drawing in customers and required extra labor to remove the stuff.


Which to me doesn't make much sense just holding on hanging out the door when it was a Saloon or sitting down to a game of Poker.

But it does explain why the Roads in the Olden Day Wild West photos are so "clean".




So in the screenshots taken it seems the "clumps" are more prominent & look similar at Hitching post indicating a Horse being there awhile, in comparison to an "open road" being clean.








Upon analysing screen shots to contribute to the Transport Thread while looking at Wagons, notice this. 


What is the point of this post? Well people were wondering & stumbled across it, during it learnt more about Hitching Rails & Lasos as apparently the Horse line is what became the Reata & there's even singler hitching posts. Also enjoy the lead up of RDR2 & scouring everything. So thought chuck this info here as get back to doing Wagon research.


In a forum I read something that was a Mind Blown but kinda scary The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same Thing type of way. 


A question was asked "What are those hitching things called in the Wild West"


It was replied. "They are called Hitching Rails but now they are called Parking Meters" I'm like Holy sh*t. I created this Collage to put it into perspective as an example. It hit home. They're right. 0.0



Think read somewhere can feed your Horse to increase the bond? So considering the amount of detail R* has gone into RDR2 with Horses (Horse Balls) then I'd guess it would make sense for Horse dung. I also sympathise with R* staff who had to comparison pictures. (Please let this be poo & not rocks, I spent more time learning about Horse Dung then I care to say) 


So here we are.


Eye Bleach





Edited by Wootgratzhugz
Added Additional Information
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Hitching rails were real, only they weren't present in the street. 


Corrals had them, and they mostly offered free 'parking' if you would stay the night or buy some things in the town. 


They were indeed the parkinglots of the west, but were already readily used back in the early roman/greco/egyptian era. 


Any city or larger town needed it. Why?:

1. Horses were Expensive as f*ck. You won't leave your new car unlocked with the keys inside out on the street.

2. Horses have a mind if their own and would wander off

3. Towns were reliant on travellers. So the first thing they made sure was that people were positive about their town. 

4. Horse thieves were hung, since everyone hated horsethieves for the other reasons shown above


However we will most likely see them often in the game, since it is a game. It won't try to make riding into town a boring momentum. 

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