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Unexpected kill by NPC and Triggering Fire Extinguisher

Double L.

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I do not normally open topics for such kind of things nor I haven't playing IV for a long time until yesterday. I played almost for 5 hours and I witnessed a killer and reacted "wft man!" 


I was driving around in the city where I have circled in the red and I stopped a Stretch(limo car) and killed its driver and the guy at the backseat. Then I hear some micro-smg sound and thought it was a gang or other street criminals, I realized that I was taking hits by that micro-smg guy but I couldn't see the guy :D I took cover immediately next to a car in traffic to look around but the funny thing is that I was still having shots. :D I could not see the guy again and one second later I have been killed and at that black and white death screen I saw the killer and I said "no f**king way!!" because the guy who was shooting at me was in a backseat of a strecth as well and I could only see his hand which was holding a uzi, after my death the limo started to going already.


I was really shocked last night because I think I haven't seen any gang member in IV that using strecth. And more, he did not get off his car, instead he made a drive-by. :D:D Such a cold s***. If is there anyone who knows gangs in IV well, I need an explanation :D 

Also I have discovered that when you throw a molotov coctail at a street fire extinguisher it will pop and extinguishes the fire around it. It is so great to see new things in a 10 year old game. 




Edited by Double L.
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