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Making mods using Python?


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Hi, I'm a python developer who tried modding GTA V with C++ in the past (before learning python) but didn't go so well. Now I'm focusing more on python and I won't go back to C# (yet).


Searching around I found some projects on github. One that got my attention is ScriptHookVPy3k but is very outdated..


Is making mods with python possible? Are there any updated projects that can make GTA V mods with python possible?

Edited by nitanmarcel
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There is a thread here https://gtaforums.com/topic/793533-vrel-script-hook-v-python-3k/ but it seems it has had no comments in well over 12 months. I think LUA has fallen foul of the same problem and that's the strength and reliability of the other three APIs, C++, SHVDN and Rage (the latter pairing being both C# based but with slightly differing API functionality). Those 3 are actively supported and are pretty much always up to date.


I think the project you linked to showed that it is possible but it probably doesn't have the support to keep it active. Might be worth posting in that thread to see if you can generate some interest in it again, there may very well be other people like yourself. There didn't seem to be too many contributors to that thread though, so if you ran into problems with that API, you might struggle to find help.

Just had a quick look to see if there were any magic Python to C# tools but all advice seems to point to re-writing the code in C#, which is probably even more the case with something like game mods.


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