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Need Help With Heists


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Me and defirephoenix33 are looking for players good players serious players so we can help each other with our heists. We are tired of our heists failing because of random players from the public lobbies. We are very experienced players. Looking for the same.

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Well I know how to do heists but i still fail at them.

There is no such thing as best gta player or whatever.

But having randoms can be tough some are not.

Anyways I'd be happy to help you out what platform?

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Our fail rate is 1% out of 100%! Do you fail a lot? If not add me defirephoenix33... PS3

Edited by moonshiner417
Had to add platform...
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I got you. Add me on PS4 (if, that’s your platform) and we can play. I already got a cash method with the heists, no glitching or cheating - straight heisting. If you’re the same, let’s make big bucks. With my crew, we can complete Humane Labs less than 45 mins. How quick are you? 

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Take my advice and switch to New Gen. Because on the day that you do, you can’t transfer anything from PS3, so you’ll have to start all over from scratch; including re-creating a whole new character. 


Just a note. 


I know guys I helped out that had to start from new, they had rank 600s and up on PS3 but are now rank 60s with nothing. 

This was apparently to combat glitched and modded accounts being transfered from old gen to nee gen. So because of some people’s screwups, all of you have to pay the price. Technically, you lose your account. Im sorry, but it’s the way it is.


But if you do switch, and need help, feel free to contact me. Me and my guys are always helping out players, especially those who transfer. 

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