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28TH Order Of Steel Recruitment AD

Recommended Posts


The 28th order of Steel military role-play / milsim crew is currently recruiting.

We are a small, XBOX ONE based military role-play crew / MILSIM which follow a combination of British armed forces and of the Brotherhood of steel from fallout 3.

We follow the rank structure/ cloest to uniform and equipment to the British Armed forces in terms of MILSIM. Whislt We follow terms/goals and tactics of the Brotherhood of steel from Fallout 3, which is the collection and preservation of technology, whilst protecting the innocent players of gta.

We see the Gunrunninng and doomsday heists as part of the Brotherhood goals. We see the use of technology like the deluxo, rocket bike etc, when used as a tool for tryharding, terrorism, greifing as an abuse of dangerous technology which must be dealt with. Whilst supply runs and the new buisness battles when containing weapons or tech as part of our remit to secure.

However our primary goal as a MILSIM is to protect the many innocent players of GTA from groups like tryhards, greifers and other rouge milsims, which their sole goal is to ruin gta, whether through technology or through glitches or abuse of rank. We deal with this through patrols and co-orientated operations with our allies within our alliance.

We also when not in combat, enjoy having fun and a laugh, through comedy nights, money making servers or just chilling out.

Everything you will need such as, vehicles, equipment and weaponry will be funded for by us, so you will never be out of pocket.

We are after:



Non combat and combat pilots

Good drivers



Who are disciplined and when needed, can work as a team player, follow the rules and who don't mind commiting to at least twice a week after training.

We do have a DISCORD server up and running aswell as an Xbox club page, which are constantly being updated with 24hrs of a post going up on either of them

So if you want to do your part whilst being part of a family, please fill in this form below:


Or for enquires, please message me on xbox at:


Or go though our Rockstar social club page, at:


I look forward to hearing from you.

"By our deeds we are known, AD VICTORIAM"

Edited by IMCGHOST
Spelling and grammer errors

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First utilsation of the "Bump" rule

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