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Will John have a high opinion of himself?


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I always thought that line was wierd, because it doesnt fit John at all, but do you think he will have different personality while in the gang? 

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Will he always be an arrogant sonuvabitch?



Joke aside it would seem the trend in understanding is that John will be a more early violent caricature of himself. That being said I believe Rockstar hasn't dedicated 8 years of story development to a one sided portrayal of a former nuanced character, a protagonist no less! I believe we will see the full gambit of John's emotions in this game. We will most likely see glimmers of the good man we know but I believe in a powerful way we will see the deadly outlaw that at one time was beyond redemption. Rockstar will do it in a way that bucks the deconstruction trend we see with turning heroes into anti heroes and instead I believe they will focus on character work that has to do with the integrity of who that person is and what they can be capable of in different circumstances.

Edited by WhiskeyHick
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Will he still be referred to as hehehe "poor John..." My joke aside too (should be expected for RDR references from the thread title lol) I think he will be a bit of a prick at times, which is fine 😜 he is young and learning. Probably thinks he knows it all. I think Arthur will be his mentor and friend . Now IM in charge! Wouldn't be surprised if he smacks some sense into him before that ahahaa

Edited by damienrayemusic
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Cutter De Blanc

"You always were a hard and nasty man, John Marston" -Uncle

I think he will be a bit smug, arrogant, and think he's smarter than most of the rest of the gang (which may be true)

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He seemed a bit younger compared to the majority of the gang so it could be possible that he may believe himself to be superior to the gang in some way.

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It would be pretty goddamn boring if he’s all-likeable, tbh. I don’t want him to be a dick all the time, it would be nice to see him as young at heart, a bit naive, arrogant and overly aggressive at times, while still seeing glimpses of his growing conscience. Trying to prove himself as a real ruthless outlaw even though it’s not who he really is (or is he? Somehow this is at the center of the RDR universe - what makes us bad/good & can we make up for ill deeds done in the past. Does it even matter?). Would make sense to me, at least.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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Didn't Bill say something like "You always was weak-minded John". Not that I would take Bill's word too seriously, but weak-minded as in easily manipulated and lacking intellectual capacity or is it about ethics and morals? What do you think he means with the "weak-minded" comment?

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It also could be that because John refuses to go down on their level of dirtbaggery, its taken as arrogance

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Johns the type of character I see being beat down by Arthur. Because Arthur seems (SO FAR) Strong and Fair in some of his ways where John was more "Ill put a goddamn bullet in your head 'boyo'"... I feel like hes just gonna be the little boy of the group always getting into trouble. Hes arrogant and hes an ass. Im sure the John we will see is the John we see when he talks with uncle

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He will shoot a man because he doesn’t like the flower. 


Talking about Arthur and John. I’m sure they will see Bill as a liability and a peasant

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I always just thought that line was Bill's perspective on John and not necessarily an accurate interpretation of John's personality.  Bill sees John treated with respect & being confident and takes that as arrogance because he thinks he deserves the same level of respect even if he can't tell he hasn't earned it....



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