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Grand Theft Auto Kubrick Triple-pack Set


Recommended Posts

Release date: March 17th 2009.
Origin Info:


At the time of release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS, 20 of these valued and highly desirable/collectible

pieces were given away to 20 lucky people who bought their copy during the midnight release of the aforementioned game at

Nintendo World in New York.
Status and Availability:


Really hard to come by one of these, since their number was limited to only 20.



Three sets of 3D Universe Kubrick figurines, containing GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas packs.

It is currently unknown what exact Edition was included for Vice City, but most likely it's the original one,

although, the one with different cover is not excluded and could as well be the one made especially for this pack.

Rating: Extremely Rare
Price: Unknown 


There's a possibility that alongside with the Triple-pack, numerous other merchandise was included as a bonus.

GTA:CTW T-shirt, Chopsticks, R* & GTA:CTW Stickers.


Photo Credits: https://www.worthpoint.com/ and as well as their notable owners/sellers.
Owners: ?




v5pt3Rf.jpg     WIg5GYe.jpg 




Edited by ChengizVlad09
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You remember whem you wrote about that enormous merchandise pack about a month ago ? Well , i'm almost sure one of these beauties was included in that ...

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Oh, Yeah, I remember seeing this on eBay about 6 years ago. If i can recall, it was about 500 USD at the time. And it was sold, there were only a few of these in limited quantities. I remember hearing about them on a website that they were only purchasable through the offical store of kubrick. Still remember when the R* warehouse had that brown background with pictures of equestrian horses or royal wordings with the logos. 

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3 hours ago, ChengizVlad09 said:

Phas, I'm not sure whehter you are replying to me, but as far as I know this particular pack was included exclusively for the aforementioned release. No other known events or instances where this one was being sold or given away. Strictly limited to 20 pieces and 20 lucky bastards who were present at the Nintendo World in NY midnight release of GTA CTW.




Yeah, they could have been available for purchase at Kubrick official site, or elsewhere, it would sound pretty much plausible or even natural thing to see being done by R*, but I personally can't remember seeing it anywhere else, nor have I heard about any other case where they were available for purchase or in form of a giveaway.

I'm sorry , it was my fault . I didn't explain myself well enough .


What i meant to say was that i'm pretty sure the guy who sold that load of merchandise also owned and sold this within that pack . I thought of this because in the picture you can see a Kubrick Set with GTA III , GTA VC and GTA SA art on the front cover . I can also link the picture if it is needed .

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14 hours ago, ChengizVlad09 said:

No problem man :) Yeah, sure, link is always good to have, as a matter of fact i'm curious to see that.

I finally found it on page 33 of the Collector's General Chat


But i found the owner wasn't the one who sold his collection , but an user called "Indi" . Maybe you could message him and ask him info about it .


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Like I've said, I'm pretty sure they were included as a special promo gift for the mentioned ocassion, at least according to 3 sellers on eBay. Really no need to enquire further to receive the same info. Of course, if anyone finds any useful links that point otherwise, paste them here 😉

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