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MOTW #122

Your favourite mission is:  

4 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Your favourite mission is:

    • "The Weapons Dealer" by Dtron01
    • "Makarov" by ZekoX
    • "Rhino: AKOX" by DennysCute99
    • "Air Support" by GKHEAT
    • "Made From Liberty" by SkyGTA_User
    • "MAMMOTH" by VikingEVM
    • "Perfect Crime" by xandeco17
    • "Panthers: Bloody Sunday" by Target13

  • Please sign in or register to vote in this poll.
  • Poll closed on 09/11/2018 at 08:00 PM

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Here are my reviews for this week’s MOTW


"The Weapons Dealer" by Dtron01: Right of the bat when the mission started, I could tell that the grammar wouldn’t be perfect in this mission. I learned to ignore this however since this happens a lot (even by myself). Arriving at the warehouse I had to wait 10 Seconds before Clark made it to the door to advance to the next cut scene. Maybe this is something you can approve on in the future.

Later, in the mission I found myself running long distances to get to the enemies I needed to kill. Overall there’s a lot of things you can approve on, so for now I give it a 4/10.


"Makarov" by ZekoX: A small action filled mission pack, had something to shoot at for literary the entire way. I especially liked blowing sh*t up with a mini-gun from the roof. The whole experience made me feel like a bad-ass that shouldn’t be messed with.

Although I did get overwhelmed by exploding cars and helicopter which caused me to die on my first try. I still enjoyed it a lot. 8/10


"Rhino: AKOX" by DennysCute99: Again, the grammar could be better with lines like ‘This is the f*cking job is really funny’. But since you’re an Italian designer I’ll let that pass. With this week’s theme in which the player uses powerful weapons. I found it an interesting choice to start with a stealth sequence. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore stealth missions and love to play them. It’s just that I don’t really think it fits the theme.

Overall it’s an alright mission and I enjoyed playing it nonetheless. 5/10


"Air Support" by GKHEAT: My god.. that intro sequence was amazing. I really enjoyed looking at the level design and the gunfight that was taking place. And that dramatic jump in slow-motion to evade the bomb was breathtaking.

While flying a Hydra isn’t really the thing I enjoy the most, I must say that the mission was fun and enjoyable. 7/10


"Made from Liberty" by SkyGTA_User: Don’t really have anything positive to say about this mission. You literally pick up an RPG, take a boat (that I had to push into the water), and then shoot 10 actors with the RPG. There has been no effort into making this, therefore it gets 1/10


"MAMMOTH" by VikingEVM: I don’t know how you do it, but you continue to amaze me with your missions every single time. The action, music and the dialog were all spot on to make me feel like an unstoppable force.

In my opinion, you are one of the best designers DYOM has right now and I can’t wait to play your missions in the future. 10/10


"Perfect Crime" by xandeco17: When I saw that this was going to be a heist mission, I immediately thought of the Paleto Bay heist in GTA V where Trevor shoots with a mini-gun in a juggernaut suit. However, in this mission ‘Perfect Crime’ I felt like the heist crew got away very easily. I did like the shootout in the alleyway though I just wish there was more to it. Maybe continuing the shootout a bit longer would make me enjoy it more.

The ending could’ve had more to it as well but overall I think it’s a 5/10


"Panthers: Bloody Sunday" by Target13: Another great mission by Target13. When playing a mission by Target13, you’ll surely not get disappointed. The Story is well written, the level design feels like it’s part of the game and the characters are fun and memorable.

Honestly cannot wait for the next installment in the Target Universe, As I’m sure there will be a lot more (wink wink). 10/10


I found it a hard decision to choose between VikingEVM and Target13. But my final vote goes tooo.........





Edited by TK420
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Nah. I DELETED my phrases

Edited by SkyGTA_User

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@VikingEVMThis pool is closed already, I think you misstyped the date.

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I didn't even put a date to avoid things like this 😂


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The f*cker doesn't want to reopen, i tried switching the close date, deleting the close date, DELETING THE POLL AND CREATING A NEW ONE, nothing

Created a new poll HERE

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