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Modloader with GTA Liberty City


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Is it possible to use modloader with GTA Liberty City Beta 4.0? Modloader says it requires that asiloader with that file called dinput8.dll. GTA Liberty City already has a file with that name. If I replace it the game crashes halfway through loading. If I rename the asi loader's dinput8 file to "d3d8" it works and the game actually loads the mods correctly, but when I drive to certain parts of town (like the end of the bridge in the intro) the game crashes. Does anyone know if there's a way to make modloader run with this mod?


EDIT: Okay sorry, I tried installing the whole thing again and using the Asiloader again as d3d8.dll. For some reason now it works with no crashes! Idk what I did differently except maybe the fact I moved the Project2DFx mod to the MSS folder instead of Modloader's folder.

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Solved my issue
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A few people here have been able to run it, so I guess it was a matter of conflicting files.


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I would like to know, impossible for me to use mods VC or LC with Modloadeur it's been 5 months that I try!

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i had same problem until i found that iii and vc actually were working with modloader,even tough the menu doesn't show up. i had to set the priorities of the mods manually in the modloader.ini

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