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Ner Ry

[MP] Bloody Revenge

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Ner Ry

Bloody Revenge






July, 2018

Nerry, owner of a bar in Ganton, has been many years bullied by the biggest gang in San Andreas.

He has to pay every month 500$ to them but he is poor person and he is not even aviable pay this ammount monthly to them.

His mother has been killed by unknown killer. His mother own his house and all he kept is the house.

He is normally person in San Andreas.

He never been in jail or had any problems with cops/other gangs (except Dark Shadows).

One day, he is talking with his younger brother Tom and they saw a white car stopping near them.

2 enemy guys leave the car and coming to them.

Guess who's them? Dark Shadows!

You are asking, why should they come to them if Nerry is paying them?

Wrong! As above, Nerry is a poor person and last months he didn't pay them, so they visited him.

One member said "It's too late to say sorry!" and killed Tom.

Nerry didn't know what to do, he was so depressed so he called his older brother Joe.

Joe said to visit him and he can help him.

Joe told Nerry that these "Dark Shadows" are bullying every person in San Andreas which owns a store.

Joe is leader of his little gang against Dark Shadows, the Street Boys.

Joe explained him everything and Nerry has started working for them.

What will happen? Will they win war against Dark Shadows? No? Yes?

You will be answered in upcoming missions!



Game characters



Main character of the story.

Working for Street Boys under leadership of his brother Joe

Normal friendly person



Knows as leader of Street Boys

In the past he was criminal, many times jailed and wanted.

A guy who know how to hold a gun



Member of Street Boys.

Criminal, in the past he was jailed for 5 years because he killed his 8 family members



New member of Street Boys

Ex leader of Dark Shadows

Past is unknown





Street Boys

Weak new gang in Los Santos under leadership Joe

against Dark Shadows family


Dark Shadows

Biggest and strongest gang in whole San Andreas

Leader is unknown

Has been known for many kills and criminal

Biggest dealers in Los Santos

Controlling every families and stores in the city



New family called Mexicans which came from Mexico

Leader is still unknown because none of main characters met him/her yet

Main base is Unity Station



Second biggest gang in San Andreas

Head leader is Kane

Allied with Vagos family

Known for drug dealing




Farewell, brother! http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/55347

Spy virus project http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/55356

The green alliance http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/55689

The green dealer http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/55812

Idlewood fight http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56248




Aviable guns

Colt 1911 - Most used gun by people and gangsters

Silent pistol - Recently used for silent missions

Shotgun - Used by cops and mafia

Knife - Most used for stealth missions

UZI - Fast and strong weapon, most used by Ballas

Baseball bat - Used for bigger fights between gangs



Grove Street - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k6QuynxYV8



Edited by Ner Ry

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You have some decent ideas, but you need to write and portray it better to us. The story is good, but the way you describe it makes it sound corny and unserious.


You need to better portray the hopelessness of the Street Boi's, the underdogs, lawabiding citizens forced into crime to defend themselves in a merciless world.

Edited by omigawail

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Seems interesting this MP. Good luck on this.

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The story of this sounds dull but though it was horror related mission pack but I doubt it is but hey, I respect this but this is little bit too far from great but hopefully your mission is well done.

Edited by Sprach

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Ner Ry

Next mission is out!




Please support me in making more missions by feedback and comment!

By the way, topic has been edited.

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Soon, I play all missions of this Mission Pack. Good luck again.

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Ner Ry



New action and long mission from me, enjoy playing it!

If you leave feedback & comment for more missions, i will be happy.

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Nuddle King

Seems interesting, the story is more like xandeco mission pack story, the same style but different, I play them well but there some grammar mistakes in those missions, you should fix and focus on the missions better, not too much action, just a little action, you should add more like explosives and big weapons like M4 In the next mission.


I will give the full review after 8 missions is done.

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Ner Ry



Feedback & Comment to support me in future.


By the way, i'm going to record couple of your missions in my topic

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