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it's poundcake time

What do you do when it's your birthday?

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Menstrual Deranged

Not much for several years now. Growing up my family would have a decent-sized party with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, etc over for dinner and dessert. The last 20 years or so we occasionally just have immediate family over (our parents and siblings).


Since I was probably about 25 I've often just ended up working on my birthday, either because I forgot to ask for the day off or because I didn't want to think about being older.


I just turned 40 the other day and was actually kind of hoping to get away for a week or so but couldn't make it happen. Hung out at my mom's for half the day and ate chocolate though so it was okay.

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I drink to the point of passing out and I like to turn my music up so loud that it disturbs the neighbors, the whole block,

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Well sometimes, it’s a mixed bag. One day may be with family, the other by myself, & the next being at home. Most of the time, it’s at home with family or by myself. I’m either drawing on my sketchbook, playing video games and eating a lot.


Random thought, but am I the only one that thinks that the birthday song makes me feel uneasy? ESPECIALLY if they sing it terribly? I beg my family to not sing that when it’s my birthday each time. I swear. Lol. 

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Der Süden

Usual day. My b-days stopped meaning anything to me when I became an adult. It's just the day I was born X years ago and I have no reason to celebrate that I'm getting old.

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Not really anything because im busy, go out to eat / dinner with family at much.

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When I was younger, my family used to get together and throw a party for my birthday either on the day of the birthday or the first weekend after my birthday if my birthday was on a weekday because of school. As I got older, we didn't do birthday parties anymore. Now that I'm an adult, the only time I know it's my birthday is when I get birthday cards in the mail from my grandparents and father. That's it. I don't go out and do anything on my birthday.

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