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Deadly Roleplay Community l DoJ like Cad l Former DoJ Member l Dedicated Server l https://deadlyrp.com

Tyler B. A-2

Recommended Posts

Tyler B. A-2


Welcome to Deadly Roleplay Community! We are a new community that’s evolving and growing every single day. We’re always looking for new members thought all of our departments we offer. We have many departments that you would love. We have custom vehicles for every single department. You will love everything we offer you as a serious roleplaying community.


Website: https://deadlyrp.com 8
Rules and Regulations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1honkWOxhNUQQJImZcr5tTf8v-U8JRde929hcfOPtSxM/edit 2
Age Requirement: 13 years or older

What do we offer?

Deadly Roleplay is a GTA V based clan that requires FiveM. We have so many things to offer in departments. You have a choice of picking what department you want. We have custom models and vehicles for everything single department inside DeadlyRP. You have the choice of being a Law Enforcement officer, Fire/EMS civilian, and Dispatch

Departments for Law Enforcement

San Andreas Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Los Santos Police Department(coming soon cars in the works), San Andreas State Police, and FBI.


The Communications department does not require FiveM or Grand Theft Auto Five. Dispatch is for the people that don’t have FiveM or GTAV and they still can be in this community

Features of Deadly

1 Dedicated Server

Development Team

Customized CAD/MDT System

Multiple Departments to apply for.

Custom Vehicle Packs

Great Ranking System

Full Media Team
Full Media Team



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