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Organic NPCs.

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I read an article that stated you could loot a Fishermen Camp. As shown in picture Arthur Looting Ducks from a Fishermen camp Provisions


Now in the Gameplay Trailer at 4:33 you can see Ducks taking off near river

Also here is a Screenshot of said Ducks from trailer. 


Putting these together my venture is thus. I believe the Fishermen NPC would hunt the ducks then take it to respective camp & store them. This being two fold; One it explains the depth to which the NPCs are more Organic & Two would replenish provisions for Arthur to be able to take from or negotiate for in said camp later.


So gets me to thinking. I wonder if you sat near a NPCs Fishermen camp long enough would you see them Hunt the duck & pitch them up then sometime later fish?

I don't believe that the ducks in said provisions picture above are just placed their "specifically" per say but Organically by the NPC itself.


If you waited long enough, would said NPC Fishermen use those provisions to cook for themselves at night before it spoils. Just like your camp is able to utilise the provisions you provide. (Cook animation etc?) 


Of course this could be far fetched but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Your thoughts?


(This is my first post, if it belongs in another category please let me know). 


Edited by Wootgratzhugz
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Interesting. I hope that you could watch him hunt and bring his kills back to camp, then eventually eat them. Guess we won't know until we play.

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You got some nice example there. The NPCs and the interactions with them is one of the part of the game i'm looking forward to the most. 

I got the feeling that this will be the first game where i will get the Uncanny Valley effect. 

They didn't show much about this and i hope they will not go really deep into it so we can discover everything by ourself!


There is only one bad thing (which actually isn't) with the organic NPCs(probably with great backstories) and the world constantly evolving (e.g. houses and traintracks are being built) i got a real fear of missing out feeling already.

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Here's hoping the same applies to all hunters. Stealing their deer and rabbits!

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This kind of goes with my question about the morality system in this game versus RDR1. It always seemed out of place to be totally "bad" in RDR1. Especially when,  in the next cutscene, you are saving innocents. I'm hoping for more organic change in people,  based off of your actions. 

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