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Petrovic or Bulgarin?


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Which Russian mob boss is more dangerous? Ray Bulgarin or Kenny Petrovic?


Petrovic is the kingpin of Russian organized crime across the USA and is involved in all kinds of criminal activity. Even Dimitri feared his wrath after what happened to his son.


Bulgarin, on the other hand, is a powerful mob boss on a global scale with tons of connections. Very manipulative. He decapitated a cook, for pete's sake.


Now Faustin and Dimitri? They were pretty small time until Dimitri took over. He was gaining power quickly, but for a short time, and his organization became well armed.

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I'd say Ray Bulgarin. While Petrovic's influence is limited to USA, Bulgarin has his influence all over Europe and the States. Like Niko said that hiding in Europe was not a option to escape Bulgarin 'cause he would've traced Niko and killed him even if Niko hid anywhere in Europe, this shows how much power Bulgarin wields. Also, his organisation is more like International while Petrovic just operates in US. And, I also think he is richer than Petrovic. 

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It is difficult to decide who is the strongest. Bulgarin sent a lot of men to attack Tony's nightclub and in the Going Deep mission he destroyed an entire Noose escort.
Petrovic, on the other hand, knows that he is managing a large criminal organization and does not know his way of acting. Petrovic has more influence inside the mafia.

Sorry for my  English.

Edited by Raxai
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Bratva Assassin

Close one but Ray Bulgarin. I also agree with the OP that Dimitri kind of strengthened his own crime syndicate.

Edited by ThatBenGuy
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