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[SA] A simpler sound management mod/script?


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Hi people




I'v been thinking about the eternal problem that modding SA's sound files represents. Along the years, I've found a way to make almost every sound modification "work" without mayor problems or crashes, but most of the time, the usual issues start to occur. Rain sounds weird (Like it's raining knives) and the weapons do weird noises, they cut out before time, etc... Also, the process that I go trough to make them work it's very specific and tiring, first, I extract the sound, then I analyse it with some software (Usually Quicktime), later I try to make the new sound have the same length, and finally, I export the sound using the same information (Bit rate, kHz, etc) wich changes depending on the sound you are modifying.


The result it's a modified version of the original sound, that most of the time sounds distorted in the game. Also, weapons like AK47 and M4 have the same sound files and, correct me if I'm wrong, but changing the silenced pistol sound it's a pain in the ass...


Now, I know that some modders, mostly programmers, did some amazing sound mods in the past, like @pep legal 's SAAS, a mod that greatly improves ambience sounds, and it's also very easy to personalize.


The question is: Is it possible to make a mod that "silences" some original sound files (Let's say, the most popular ones, like the weapons, and maybe the rain), and instead, uses a more reliable, less distorted sound format, like MP3, located inside a subfolder in the CLEO folder, where users can easily change it?


That would be an awesome mod, because people could personalize it with ease, and also, the sounds would be very clean, and they would stay loyal to the original file. The only issue this mod could have, it's that the volume of the new sounds could only be changed inside the .ini file, like other sound mods, but I think it's really a minor problem...


...Now, the thing is, I'm terrible at coding, I'm more of an artist type. (You can check the total conversion mod I'm working on :D) but, if anyone is interesting on coding this idea, I would be glad to help, maybe making silent sound files for every weapon, or maybe getting the new "Default" weapon sounds for the mod, I work in the entertainment industry as an animator, and I have a lots of valuable, high quality sound effects that could work!


What do you guys think? :)

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To effectively replace sounds in the game without described issues (but still being limited to the weapons using the same soundfiles) install them through modloader or use this mod.

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1 hour ago, LaDiDa said:

To effectively replace sounds in the game without described issues (but still being limited to the weapons using the same soundfiles) install them through modloader or use this mod.

Wow, that was totally effective. Many thanks! :D 

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