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Gore cheat not working on xbox version.


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I've been wondering why the gore cheat doesn't work on the xbox version. I have the copy from the double pack and  i know that cheat works for the ps2 version anybody knows why the cheat doesn't work. I would really appreciate a response thanks. Sorry if my wording sounds weird.

Edited by BeanBurrito97
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The gore cheat in which you can shoot and blow pedestrians limbs off was only exclusive to the PS2 and PC versions of the game. The main reason for this is because the PS2 and PC versions used simple "blocks" that build NPC's from head to toe. This is the reason why the limbs could detached themselves when you would blow them up or shoot them off. The major difference with the XBOX original is that III, VC and SA received a major graphical upgrade to the engine hence why those gta's look pretty grate in terms of graphics compared to the PS2 and PC versions. Every single pedestrian in gta 3 the XBOX version received a skeleton like system feature along with Claude himself. The same with the mobile version. So this cheat just doesn't work on the XBOX nor the mobile version due to this change in the graphics in the XBOX version. A bummer really becuase It was pretty fun seeing limbs fly all over the screen when you would go on a rampage in III....Those were good times on the PS2 :sigh:

Edited by Big_Smiley
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Just to clarify, the gore mode is turned on by default on PC, you don't even need a cheat for it. I have no first-hand experience with the console versions though.

Here's a nice in-depth video of the removable limbs feature:


Edited by perennial
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