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Looking for old school/toned down jobs


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Hey all,


As the title suggests I’m looking for down-to-earth jobs that I can run with friends. Mainly races. Preferably in the form of a playlist. Do you know any good ones?


I was thinking maybe I should just put together a playlist of my favorite ”day 1”-online races, but then I realized we’ve gotten a lot more props since then and maybe there are better jobs out there. By props I mean purely cosmetic stuff and tire-walls (what’s the correct term?) etc. I don’t want loops, jumps, none of that sh*t.


Pure old school racing. And it could be fun with different classes, maybe a few rally races and a compact race thrown into the mix. Would love to hear suggestions from you guys!


A few days ago I asked a friend to start a race playlist, and he started one of those fan-made ”stunt”-races where you don’t have to do much else than press the acceleration button, and if you haven’t played it before you’ll mess up the jumps and end up in last place which is precisely what I did. I f*cking hate those kinds of races and can’t see how anyone could think they’re fun. I want a race that’s supposed to be rewarding for good racers.




EDIT: I'm on PS4.

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I never really suggest my own jobs, but if you are on PS4, here's one: http://rsg.ms/2940bb4


All road, no stunts what so ever. Only props have been placed for environment :)

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If you like the coast and occasionally crash into the sea, the Coastal Drive are for you


Edit: Oh old school jobs, Initial Wangan Prix consist of 7 races, 4 hill initial D style and 3 wangan highway race, made 3 years ago

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@MrGrandis Thank you! I'll try these out asap.


Part of me wants to start making my own series of races, it's just that when I sit down with the creator I can't stop! I mean, it's great, but I don't always have the time.. Plus, I know there are already millions of great races out there. I'd also like to have a playlist with streetracing-type races as well, meant for playing with traffic ON and set to night-time.


If anyone's got more suggestions for me, please let me know!

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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  • 5 months later...

I can link a couple of my races I've received good feedback from friends, it Street races with stunt props. No jumps, loops etc 






If you like these kind of races I have some others also, some made as a race track with the stunt road track props or whatever I should call it 


Edit: Didn't see dates of last posts before I posted..


Ps4 btw 

Edited by kenmy13999
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