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GTA SA - Collectibles - Snapshots - didnt appear


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Hello there,im here to ask for bug i was collecting the snapshots by this map - http://www.gta.cz/san-andreas/mapy/fotky/ its czech site but dont worry its only a map and i was at number 38 and there wasnt any snapshot to photo snapshot number 38 -http://www.gta.cz/san-andreas/mapy/fotky/38/ please help me i need to continue this to 100% please is there some mod or file to have that 50th snapshot i have 49/50 please need help 

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Snapshot nº 38 appears perfectly fine here in my game:







Is there a chance your game is modded? If so, it may have screwed up the collectible or something. Try reinstalling the game if that's the case. If your problem persists, try to upload your save here, and I can see if I can take the last Snapshot for you.


I guess I should also mention that this is the Vice City forum and your question is about San Andreas, so you can be more careful next time. 😛


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