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Cheat codes.

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Every Rockstar game had cheat codes, and I'm guessing that Red Dead Redemption 2 will have them too.


1st off, how do you think we'll enter them?

I didn't like the way we did in RDR, because there was a lot of text, and if you didn't have a USB keyboard for your PS3/Xbox 360, it would take a lot to enter a cheat code (which was a sentence).

I also didn't really like the way we entered them in GTA V/SA/III/VC... because if you were entering a cheat code which had 'TRIANGLE' in it, it would make you leave/enter a vehicle as you were entering the cheat code.

The way we had it in GTA IV was my favourite, where you entered them through your cell phone. However, in 1899 there were no cell phones, so I'm guessing we'll enter them the first way, like in the original RDR.


Now, what do you think, which cheat codes will we be able to enter?

I'm thinking (obviously) that there will be a:

-refill health cheat

-infinite health cheat

-infinite ammo cheat

-money cheat



What are your opinions on this?


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David. E

I would be happy with GTA 5 button combos. Here's some ideas (stolen from RDR2.org)



Ghost Rider - Set both the player character and their horse, when applicable, on fire without them taking damage. Optionally replace the player character's head with a skull.

Armageddon - Flaming meteors (just a generic stone asset, if they don't want to spend much on cheats) would fall from the sky, water levels would rise, and the earth would shake. All NPC's would panic.

Hunted - An elite enemy with high health and powerful weapons is spawned at a random place on the map. You don't know their location, but they know yours, and they will actively hunt you down.

Bouncy surfaces - suddenly all surfaces have a bouncy property, meaning any dynamic object that touches them will be propelled in the opposite direction. Push an NPC at a wall and chaos ensues.



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Cutter De Blanc

I was okay with the way Cheats were input and also how they were hidden throughout the game world in the first game


for some reason seeing 'OH MY SON, MY BLESSED SON" in the barn in Beecher's hope still gives me chills every time

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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I hope so GTA and Saints Row are the ONLY games with cheats now. 

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rdr had a menu where you could turn all the cheats on or off that i liked maybe in this game we enter our cheats while kicking our horses belly with our boot spurs

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I would love to see cheat codes in this game, it makes me feel nostalgic considering it used to be standard in many games a long time ago. 

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10 hours ago, Flannelmagic1 said:

it makes me feel nostalgic

and with thinking like this we got a very annoying feature in GTA V instead of a convenient menu as a cellphone agenda


Keep it in the menu as RDR1

Edited by MARKUS.
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I hope they use sentences and hide them throughout the world again. 

I also want beastmaster cheat to return. Perfect for hunting. And Agressive Peds With No Weapons so everyone will try to fight me. Could you imagine a little kid coming up to Arthur tryina fight? Epic

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Just give me a gun cheat and or unlimited ammo cheat and I'll be happy.

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Ol' Stinky Pete

Been playing a bit of RDR1 again. 

Hoping R* just give us simple, straightforward godmode this time around. 

No having to switch it back on after after cut scenes etc.

No 5 min timer like GTA. 


I want godmode godmode. 


Edited by Ol' Stinky Pete
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