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So I've recently fixed the internet connection to my PS3 and ventured back into public lobbies to see the chaos for myself.


And there's certainly that, nobody seems to know how to drive and constantly crash, and there's vehicles roaming around which I can't seem to buy, have these been glitched in or something?


Anyone else on here venture onto the PS3 lobbies to join the carnage?

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why do i need to pc is the same if not worse...


ps3 im suprised sony hasnt pulled the plug on online yet. 

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I was on PS3 around this time in 2016 and it was a mess back then. I'm sure it could only be worse now. 


My OG PSN account was"ruined" when a modder teleported me out of the car I was in and rained money on me.


I know you probably don't want to hear this, but there's a lot more fun stuff to mess around with on PS4. You would have to start over, though.



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I would only venture on the PS3 lobbies just some time ago because I didn't always have the chance to play GTA on a good PC. I wouldn't join in on the carnage ever nowadays, screw that noise.


Constant session fulls, lags, nobody knows how to drive or shoot in heists, mic spamming kids and the like - and the whole experience feels squeezed out and devoid of any life. Feels like a time capsule I don't want to open ever again.

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GTA Online for PS3 is the virtual equivalent of sh*tting, pissing, and jerking off into a small box for 2 years, then duct taping it airtight and burying it in a septic tank. Then coming back 4 years later, opening it, and taking a sip

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I left that place for PS4 back in 2015 (?). When I feel nostalgic I look back at my published Social Club photos full of UFO's, Ferris wheels, oh, and that time someone took offence to my attempting to collect their bounty and spawning a fire pit in my torso so that I burned to death every time I re-spawned,


That whole situation was a clusterfu*k on a grand order.

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last gen is certainly a strange place to be, i'm surprised that people are still using it as there main platform, although for me I also have two dodgy controllers that does its own things and won't charge, so I have to sit 2ft from the tv.

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PS3? Havent owned one in 4 years.


Oddly enough, I am sort of interested in checking it out since I barely played it on that system. Character was a rank 7.

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Still got my copy on PS3 but haven't the head to look back to those dark days.


Moved on and won't look back there. ;)

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My PS3 is lost somewhere in my house. I had some good times there but I'm not going back to hell lmao.

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