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Content in Gameplay trailers, not in final version of game.


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These are screenshots from the different trailers Rockstar released in 2009 of Red Dead Redemption prior to game release in May 2010. While watching, I noticed interesting differences between the trailers and the final game.


I'd like to give recognition to NudasPriest for noticing the building interior with gambling not in the final version. [Post]

Also Coyote010 for posting some screenshots of the Red Dead Redemption 2009 Preview Build on Reddit. [Post]


Here you can see what the Old Dead Eye Targeting System looked liked.




Here you can see what the HUD looked like before they introduced the Weapon Wheel.




Here you can see what the Pause Menu looked like. It has two additional options (Cheats, Leaderboards) that aren’t in the final game. It is also missing the in-game time clock, and the amount of money the player has. The background of the menu is also a lighter red, and the black fades are different.




Armadillo - You can see that the South Western Railroad Company Armadillo Station has yet to be added. The General Practice Office also has a slightly altered design and is missing a hanging sing on the front. There are also missing are misc props such as lantern posts, and chairs.




Blackwater - You can see that are several buildings that didn't make it into final game. Starting with a red bricked building directly east of City Hall. In the final versions it is now a small patch of grass and trees. There was also some kind of factory along Sisika Avenue that has several smoke stacks and a light green two story building to the south of the factory.

Blackwater SideNote - The radar suggests that you might have been able to visit Blackwater while still doing missions for Bonnie MacFarlane early in the game, or that Bonnie MacFarlane had more missions after West Elizebeth is unlocked laster in the game.






This is an interior of an unknown building within Blackwater. It features gambling tables for a variety of games. This building and interior was not used in the final version.

Thanks to the people at Red Dead Wiki, we pieced together that this is the interior of a Steamboat that would have been docked in Blackwater


There was originally a steamboat docked at Blackwater, and its sole function was to serve as a floating casino, the likes of which were common in the era. Evidence of this can be seen in the "Life in the West" pre-release trailer, and also in the dialogue exchanged between Marston and Elizabeth Thornton during the Stranger mission "The Wronged Woman" wherein she says "I knew his frequenting that gambling boat would be the death of him.




Edited by VikingCat32
Added information for gambling boat.
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Want to see an even earlier HUD? Enjoy ;)





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That is it. :) Surprised it wasn't taken down yet, that page isn't linked from the index, I have these images for months now.

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10 minutes ago, Spider-Vice said:

That is it. :) Surprised it wasn't taken down yet, that page isn't linked from the index, I have these images for months now.

I'm glad it wasn't taken down. I'm trying to find every bit of information I can about cut content, and different styles that didn't make it into the final game.

Compared to GTA, I noticed that there is barely any information out there. The little there is, is scattered all over the place.

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9 hours ago, JayKed20 said:

The HUD in the trailer seems to look a bit more like GTA4's HUD.

Yeah it's very similar. I'm glad they added the weapon wheel.

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  • 9 months later...

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