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GTA III SCM Differences (PS2)

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This topic serves a list of changes made to MAIN.SCM between the initial PAL release of GTA III (commonly referred to as the 1.40 release) and the 2nd PAL release (commonly referred to as the 1.60 release). I will refer to these as SCMv1 and SCMv2 respectively. Copies of GTA III that use SCMv1 are considered to be rare as most copies in circulation use SCMv2. In the US, both releases (original and Greatest Hits) use SCMv2. Most changes are subtle and appear to correct small gameplay inconsistencies. Others are quite noticeable, like the missing checkpoint sounds from the off-road missions. Saves are not compatible between SCMv1 and SCMv2.


SCM Information:


Size: 605327

Timestamp: 2001-09-24 22:32

CRC32: 2302299E

MAIN size: 108762

Largest mission: 25285



Size: 606553

Timestamp: 2001-10-02 03:26

CRC32: 914AA1D2

MAIN size: 108797

Largest mission: 25299



The following describes changes made to SCMv1 to create SCMv2:

 1) Mission points
    a. Total number of mission points changed from 156 to 154. It is unclear
       whether this has an effect on 100% completion.
 2) Unique Stunt Jumps
    a. Callahan Bridge USJ camera coordinates changed from
       <853.8125,-927.625,34.0625> to <841.8125,-930.125,34.3125>.
    b. Delay before restoring the game speed after landing a jump changed from
       800ms to 600ms.
 3) Ray missions
    a. $1086 = 1 before starting all Ray mission threads. $1086 appears to be
       an override for the special camera that's activated when you enter the
       park restrooms. Curiously, this override is also set at the very start
       of each Ray mission thread in both the v1 and v2 scripts; it is unclear
       whether this was added to prevent some weird camera glitch during the
       cutscene, or if it's merely the result of an overly-cautious script
 4) Wasted help thread
    a. Can now skip the cutscene
    b. Medic actor pedtypes changed from 16 to 4
    c. Area around cutscene cleared at start and peds/cars do not spawn during
    d. All cars and actors are destoyed at the end of the cutscene
 5) Busted help thread
    a. Can now skip the cutscene
    b. Cop actor pedtypes changed from 6 to 4
    c. All cars and actors are destoyed at the end of the cutscene
 6) Off-road missions
    a. No sound is played when a checkpoint is picked up
 7) Paramedic
    a. Code jumps to subroutine to give mission points for Health and
       Adrenaline pickups. It is unclear whether this change is related to 1).
 8) The Getaway
    a. Clear area around bank: range params changed from 15,4 to 15,6
 9) Blow Fish
    a. Fade to white added after fish factory explosion cutscene
10) Bomb Da Base: Act II
    a. No mission attempt given until after player has the money
11) Turismo
    a. Next checkpoint blip size decreased slightly
12) Big'n'Veiny
    a. If Sayonara Salvatore passed, Diablos are given bats and pistols instead
       of bats and Uzis for the duration of the mission.
13) Sayonara Salvatore
    a. Fade out added to cutscene of Salvatore leaving Luigi's (unconfirmed)
14) Silence the Sneak
    a. Cop actor pedtypes changed from 6 to 4
15) Waka-Gashira Wipeout!
    a. When the mission is failed, game no longer waits until the player leaves
       the carpark rooftop before exiting the mission thread.
16) Grand Theft Aero
    a. Ensure CUTOBJ05 is available before playing construction site cutscene
       (used for the lift)
17) Toyminator
    a. Blow up RC buggy before declaring mission passed

Thanks to @GTAKid667 for playing through a v1 game and confirming may of the differences.


Notes about the game version number:

I made a distinction between the version number found in SYSTEM.CNF (v1.40 and v1.60) and the script version (SCMv1 and SCMv2) because I do not feel that the version number found on disc is tied to the script version. The US discs say 1.40 in SYSTEM.CNF despite using SCMv2. I believe that the number in SYSTEM.CNF refers to the game's executable (ELF) version and not the "disc version".

Edited by thehambone

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