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Rigged Skin crashing in Skin Selector


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Hi, I've run into an odd problem here. I took a model and rigged it to a gta sa ped, did the whole rigging process, attached and then fixed all the bugs. I then chose the Skin and exported it as a dff with KAMs gta scripts. Then I added the textures to a .txd file using Magic TXD.


Now I went to add the .dff and .txd to Skin.img and loaded up the game and tried to open Skin Selector, but the game crashed. Not sure why. I then removed the .txd from the img file and tried again. This time Skin Selector worked but my model did not appear in the cycle for some reason. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: Tried to import my dff into Max, it appeared but had no bones inside of it oddly enough. Not sure if this indicates anything.

Edited by Assasinge
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Try your model on existing ped and find out what's the problem, it could be with your model or skin selector.

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2 hours ago, TEMPL4R said:

Try your model on existing ped and find out what's the problem, it could be with your model or skin selector.


Just tried it. I used the spawn ped option in Skin Selector to spawn it and the game crashed. It seems like an issue with my model but I'm unaware of what the issue actually is now. My DFF files is 1MB and my txd file is 5 MB. My polygons for the model come down to about 28,000 polys. If any of this info helps.

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The size doesn't matter, it's export problem as you say there's no bones when you import it, did you export it with only skin selected? Try it again with whole skin and bones selected

with checked the box (skin) and export it.

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That's what I'm doing. I select the "Skin" modifier and it should export the model with the bones. It has for me in the past, now it's not.







As you can see, the model clearly has bones and the skin modifier is selected. And it's supposed to export with the bones but re importing it doesn't include the bones. And how do you select the bones and the model and export that together with the DFF IO thing?

Edited by Assasinge
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oops my memory doesn't serves me well lol, it has been years since the last time I did modelling with skin and I don't recall it correctly, so forgive me for being short with you.


I'm sure it's bones related, mistakes can happen.




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i'm having a problem. My custom Characters for skin selector don't show up. and i've tried everything. if any of you guys can help then THANK YOU.

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UPDATE: I fixed it! I chose "Bones/Skin Export" instead of Export DFF and it worked in game! Lol


One issue. My character is slightly transparent in game. Is this normal? My textures apparently have a transparent background and I don't know how to fix that.

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