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No street races, story mode finished

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I am playing on xbox one. I played mostly only story stuff and didn't do too much other stuff so now I was finishing up the rest and I noticed I don't have any street races on the map. I already did all sea races, off road races, and even did the triathlon. Street Races are usually easier so I usually do them at the end, but there are no street races on the map. 

I don't remember where the first one starts or I would have just gone there.

I have the text from Hao asking if I'm "man enough", but there's no race.

I played this before, but I don't remember if I had to do something else to get the races to show up.

So do I?

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You do know they only appear at night as I recall, after like 10pm in game time I think.

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Street Races appear from 20 pm to 6 am. They can be done by Franklin only. Also the first one is triggered by a strangers and freaks mission by HAO. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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Thanks guys, Forgot that races were only at night.

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There’s a known issue from a long time ago about Hao’s races not becoming available. 

After completing the story mode and working on 100% I could not get Hao’s text after the second street race to show at all. Tried sleeping and switch characters and wasting days into nights, etc.

after reading another with this issue, I did a weed run for the smoke shop as Franklin and decided to start racing the jet ski’s and all other races. When I pulled into the jet ski race at Cypress Flats, I got the text from Hao for the third race that evening.  I ran the jet ski race and took the jet ski up the drainage ditch to Franklins garage and picked my car for the race. I sat there until evening, and the third race appeared.

it wasn’t long after that that the fourth did.

I am pretty sure if you are Franklin and make a run for one of your business’s, it helps trigger the text messages from Hao.

I’m running the 1.5.20 version on XBox One.

Hope it helps, because this issue sucks donkey balls.

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For me helps save game and reload.And  bam, I gets message from Hao instantly.

Edited by Ondr4H

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