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Recommended Posts


The Vinewood Villains are now recruiting fellow mercenaries to cause havoc in the streets of freeroam lobbies. 


If you've been frustrated with annoying griefers and tryhards killing you all the time, then look no further than joining your own group of them. As a Vinewood Villain, you are obligated to join the fight of any crew member that asks you to unless you are already in one. The same goes for the rest of your crew. That one asshole killing you in your lobby will soon be outnumbered when 5, 6, 7, 8+ of your crewmates swarm the lobby and outnumber them.


Eventually, with consistent recruitment, we will grow to become one of the most feared crews in GTA Online. People will mention the crew when conversing with you. It'll be that crew that players will look at and say to themselves, "Yeah.. I'll kill someone else. Not going to start a fight with the Villains."


But it starts with YOU, the person reading this. YOU can help make this a reality. Joining us will result in new friends made and awesome memories. We will always treat you as a brother no matter what.


Various events within the crew will be held all of the time, like car shows, races, parties, etc. 


We only have a few rules -

#1 Don't be rude to your other crewmates

#2 ABSOLUTELY zero tolerance will be had for unwarranted killing of Villains. If you randomly attack another crew member, you WILL be removed from the crew.


As for requirements, although KD is not necessarily reflective of your skill in GTA, we'd prefer at least a 1.00 KD to join, but exceptions can be made.


We also will provide training to any crew member seeking to better themselves at PvP.


A discord server for the crew will be created soon.


If you're interested in joining, the crew is open for anyone to join themselves, or just give me a shout/post here!






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