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Johnny Klebitz in GTA V

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Outlaw Biker Viking

In relation to what I said earlier, I never really thought of it this way but it makes total sense when you really think about it. So here goes my theory: The Johnny Klebitz presented in GTA V is NOT the real Johnny Klebitz. That is because the Johnny Klebitz I know and love would’ve put up more of a fight than what was shown on screen. So yeah, Trevor actually did us a favor because no one should get away with committing identity theft at the expense of Johnny Klebitz. Period. Although I still like Michael and Franklin a lot better, my opinions on Trevor are much milder than they were in the past. :)

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On 8/22/2018 at 6:46 PM, TheSantader25 said:

I think the most logical thing is to say he was still against all these junkies while they got to Blaine County and had to clear AOD. but once they did it and had a great business going on he might have gotten ahead of himself and basically got dragged down. Also TLAD proves that Ashley can never stop doing drugs. It seems impossible. And the only thing she do is to drag people down with herself. Johnny should've listened to himself and dumped her but he Betrayed "himself" too many times because of that girl. It was all downhill after that. It was inevitable that Ashley would finally cause Johnny's downfall. 


This gotta stop the notion of a vigilante, cum spy, deep penetration agent  little insecure about his little impotent self concerning Ashley !


The awful incorrect portrayal  of a veteran leader as personified by 

Johnny K. is unfair don't ya think ?


Johnny K. hats off to the man, all good things come to dignified leaders so we ought to give it to the main man of the entire GTA series Johnny K. 


Heroes never die Johnny K. will be back of course he is alive !

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2 hours ago, Am Shaegar said:

you seem to be following some highly intellectual standards while typing in english language because many times its difficult for me to understand your responses :^:




You're absolutely incorrect !


I ain't following no other mindset except my own , 

a so called predisposed set of responses is not my character.


You can't understand something you don't accept as a matter of 

fact Ashley  worked for the Cartel to entice Johnny in a relationship 

that is more of a enterprise than romance !


Trevor the meat loaf oaf is eager to capitulate on this matter !

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