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Mini cubes graphics problem


Go to solution Solved by lil weasel,

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So i got a problem when i changed my resolution something happend i got some very small cubes on the screen and its very hard to play the graphics are very bad now how can i fix and yes i do have mods but i got 2 games both of them gta sa's and when im changing the resolution its doing the mini cubes thing and i tried reinstalling 

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  • Solution

If you have played the game before on this machine, and you have changed hardware or updated settings of the machine,

First Try Deleting the gta_sa.set file.


Second Remove ALL the MODs.

Do you have the DVD v1, DVD v2, or the STEAM Registered Down Load v3 Game?

What is your Operating system?


If you wish to keep the mods Ask in the MODDING FORUMS.

After you have Removed them, you can install them ONE at a Time, play the game before installing the Next Mod. When you get to the one causing the problem, do not use it. OR ask again in the Modding Forums.

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  • 3 weeks later...

If your CPU or Graphics Card is old or your VRAM or Graphics Memory is low, then that's the problem. This has happened to me before on my old pc. Either you update your drivers or install the latest DirectX Version. And if you have an AMD processor, it's the cause of the problem. My old pc had an AMD Sempron 145 processor. I had the same problem on low Graphics

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  • 1 month later...

So it did not work can i send a picture so u guys can see what is happening

? i got the little things on my screen but when i changed the resolution that thing happend so ? what do i do guys this is the only forum i can use the rest are bad no responses , i got windows 7 and i got it cracked last time about 3 months ago it was fine



And sorry for late response

Edited by BarosanDeSobolan
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