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Question about frequency of raids


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As far as I know, no one knows what triggers them exactly and there’s really no specific time period wherein you’re businesses get raided (for me it’s 2 MC businesses and my bunker) and so I was wondering how urgent it is to get those security upgrades. I tend to think of them as a money sink because you always have the chance to defend against the raid it’s not as though you’re getting raided and you don’t know what happened. 


Is there a certain amount of money that seems to be a higher risk than if you were holding less stock?  I have yet to get raided at my bunker and I’ve made 2 million plus in sales (save the penis measuring contest, I’m just speaking about my personal experience) and my MC businesses seem to get whacked every so often and I’ve only failed once out of a total or maybe 8-10 raids/snitches testimony etc. 


At the moment, just to give people an idea, I have both upgrades for my coke lab, 1/2 in counterfeit cash factory, and 1/2 at my bunker and I don’t care about my CEO business at all so I won’t get into that. A vehicle warehouse may happen but not a priority now. Please offer your experience if you’re able to and don’t pollute the forum with heresay thanks. 

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I've had 1 bunker raid since launch but I always try to sell before the halfway mark.


drug labs are raided frequently so I only go into biker when I need to, which is inside building. just remember to quit out when you are done.

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MC business raids are relentless for me, making anything MC related virtually unplayable.  It seems every other time I sign up as MC president I instantly get raided (no time to hire friends) and then more often than not it's 2-4 of the businesses back to back (again without time to hire help in between).   Or if I sign up inside the business and click "sell" real quick as soon as that one is delivered I get the back to back raids of my other businesses.   LJT is always nagging me that it wouldn't happen if I bought  security (which I did).  Biggest case of buyer's remorse in my GTAO history and I've bought both Brickades, the gold jet, and the tug boat....  Though to be fair to R* my friends did warn me it was terrible before I bought any of that biker stuff.


As for the bunker I've only filled it up full full once or twice and haven't got hit there yet.  Bunker is best to buy supplies once then sell that (stock should show 140K value when you first walk in).  This will give you a 1 vehicle sell mission and seems to keep the stock low enough to avoid raids.


Warehouses seem to get hit if you're over 75% full, not sure about nightclubs but mine have been hit a few times.  I'm trying to keep the stock there below 500k at all times, not sure if it'll prevent raids but at least it'll minimize my exposure. 

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I just pop into MCP then hop out asap to avoid being raided and I very rarely get raided, I don't even have security upgrades.

Actually I think security upgrades INCREASE our chance of getting raided since it adds another script that could trigger a raid.

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