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LARPC | FiveM | Custom Jobs | Real Life RP | Hiring LAPD / LAFD


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Los Angeles Role-play Community

Welcome and thanks for looking at our recruitment page for the upcoming RP server LA-RPC.

To start of I will talk about what we are and what makes us different from other communities.

At LA-RPC we strive to create a new level of realism, with custom server mods/plugins it makes it much easier to be different from the others here’s a small list of what we have different.

Los Angeles Experience

The LAE is our aim in the server to bring the realism to the highest level possible, we got custom shops and street names as well as the Hollywood sign. You can also find a lot of “real” companies in the server that you can also work for! Here is what we currently have to offer in the server

Emergency Services:

LAPD: We use the real LAPD vehicles and uniforms, officers will be trained to patrol in the streets of LA. (LS)

LAFD: Our vehicles are all edited with Los Angeles skins and the firefighter/paramedic uniforms are also LA based.

Communications: Working with our own build custom CAD/MDT system, and an active live map of the server dispatching has never been that much fun!

Subdivisions such as: K9, Bike Unit, Air support, Detectives etc are side divisions of the police department. (COMING SOON)

Los Angeles Public Transit services:

LA Metro bus company: Our busses got different lines all going to different locations. You can see what bus you have to get on the map markers and the bus colours as of now we have 2 lines operating that people can take to get to a location or to work in!

Metro Local (Orange): Driving all around Los Angeles stopping at every big street/station and sightseeing.

Metro Rapid (Red): Driving from LAX to Paleto Bay stopping in only the big busstops

LA Subway: Drive-able metros going around the city to pick passengers up and bring them to their destinations. -Players can find the metro stations on the map at the “M” blips

Amtrak California: With a custom made Drive-able passenger train you’ll be travelling California in style. with over 10 custom train stations, Amtrak will take you anywhere!

-Players can find the train stations on the map at the “T” blips.


Our Boeing 737-700 will fly between LAX and Blaine County International Airport.

Our DC10 Freighter Fed Ex will deliver wherever it’s needed with as hub Zancudo

Our Cessna Caravan Fed Ex will land on on grapeseed as wel as on Sandy and Zancudo.

Yellow Cab: Taxis at their finest, Yellow Cab will take you all across the city for a payable fee.

And much… much more jobs!

Custom Buildings:

Different bus stations across the map

Different Train stations across the map

Mission Row PD has been edited with walls at the parking space giving officers a save place.

Custom Airport in Blaine County

Hollywood sign and custom street signs

Custom props, street billboards and shops.

Tollbooths and Dynamic road works that change over the time.

What type of server are we?

At LA-RPC we are building on a entire new concept which is gonna be ultra realistic and breathtaking, as we speak we’re still in our Beta stage of the development. The concept is that every individual is gonna be important in their own way. The civilians can make up to 3 characters that you can get to know and have your experiences with. You can become a train driver, bar worker or can be a homeless guy begging for money everything is possible, give the biggest house party in the entire state or go the criminal life and get on the wanted list. On the other side people can also join up the emergency services, on here you’ll be a full or part-time LEO or Firefighter/Paramedic. You can make sure the streets are safe or help the people out in need. Although taking your day of to go with your RP friends on a boat trip or explore the other side of the border is allowed too!


All ages Civilian (If mature)

14 years LAFD

16 years LEO

Legal copy of GTA V

Good quality mic

Mature and serious

Willing to learn a lot of information (LEO)

Willing to follow orders from your Chain of Command. (LEO)


Currently we’re still in development, we’re working very hard on the server and with the entire new concept it’s taking a lot of time. If you wanna join the server go ahead and join the discord, here you can chat have fun, get access to the server and ask your questions!

Discord: https://discord.gg/vJfK8uP

Website: la-rpc.com <- COMING SOON

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See Above we are still recruiting as stated above, come and join us and see whats it's all about :)

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