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Time in gta next

Time travel in Gta 6  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you guys like it if Gta VI had Time travel

    • Yes of course
    • No thats stupid
    • Rockstar won't be able to make that work
    • I don't care

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So lets speak about time travel. There have been tons of movies,TV shows and games about this topic the most important being Back to the future where Marty mcfly accidentally travel back in time after seeing good friend and scientist Doc brown get shot by terrorist but when he time travel he doesn't go back a few minutes he goes back to 1955. This where he causes trouble and if he doesn't fox it there won't be a present to go back too.


So this is where Rockstar comes in think about the past few Gtas felt similar compare to VC and San andreas plus Rockstar could make the first open world where you can time travel like in Back to the future.


For one this could help with a story point because they could shale things up and they al ready did western with Red dead redemption and Crime films with all other Gta games in the franchise. Second this would also help in a gameplay stand point because you could visit other games in the series via Time travel and it would makes choices even more important becuase they could change the future and the present.


Third and final reason is that for one Lester has a stick note in his house that say "88 mph"

with a drawing of a vehicle moving forward and now with the expansion that came in December for Gta online we have the Deluxo which is a parody of the Delorean but most it would connect all the names and we would see all the different world's from Gta,Red dead redemption , bully and manhunt all together in one game.


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