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The Story, The Strange Man, and A time jump?


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Note: This Article is nothing more than Speculation and random Theories.


I been replaying RDR1, and came to the Strange Man side quest, when yo first encounter him he tells John about the Raid on the Ferry, and how Dutch shot a girl named "Heide McCort's"

which is possibly this woman from Trailer#3 https://www.onlysp.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/vlcsnap-error925.png.  

Heide is probably someone who got a love interest in Arthur.


on the other hadn as Arthur also says "this whole thing is pretty much done, we're more ghosts than people" which is a reference to the Outlaws era end, and that this whole gang thing is no need to continue in anymore. Maybe the same idea John has.


Arthur might try and split from the gang after the gang's "work" being not his anymore, and I'm sure we will see different conflicts between the gang members and Arthur as the story heads towards the end, specially Dutch. In the 2md Trailer, we see Dutch asking Arthur "do you have my back?" he probably asked him after something that happened and there's doubts around Arthur.


As when it comes to the 1st Trailer, "When the time comes, you gotta run and not look back, this is over." that's probably Arthur telling John to runaway with his family and not look back, maybe John is the 1st one to think about leaving the gang after getting married to Abigail and having Jack, it's time to move away from this life, and obviously Dutch wont like that, and wants Arthur or someone, probably the Blonde guy with the black Jacket from the 3rd Trailer. Arthur and John are friends and have some bond between them as we can tell from the way Arthur had that look in his eyes towards John when he was captured, he means something to him, other than the way Dutch looked like "just forget about John" type of look.


What happens on the ferry is probably a confrontation between Dutch, Arthur and John, when Dutch noticed the Arthur is being, trying to split from the gang, he kidnaps Heide, which pushes Arthur to confront him. All of those possibilities indicates something big gonna happen between those characters that will make it go to pure sh*t.


As for the Aftermath, do you think we will have a time jump from 1889 to 1912 or something where you continue as Arthur meeting up with Jack, knowing Dutch's dead, so as John and continue from there. Since we know that the world will be built around you with time and improve, such as railroads, buildings maybe, houses etc..


Or Arthur's death, and then you have a time jump and continue as Jack.


Last speculation on the game's ending is, Arthur moves on, have his own gang, whoever joins him from the Van Dir Linde, and more people maybe and then you just move on.


Sorry about not posting pics since I don't know how to do that. Thank you for reading my thoughts and random speculations.




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Cheesy Vaginas

Heidi McCourt was a random pedestrian. The Strange Man was simply making a point that the gang didn't care about the random people they killed. You're looking WAY too far into it.

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John left the gang after the failed robbery in Blackwater. 


He was out of the gang for many years until Agent Ross came knocking. 


I do think we'll see a time jump and something that drives a wedge between Dutch and Arthur, though. 



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