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big gang mod san andreas

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when playing the game salimit adjuster from this mod got crash its very annoying

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which mod? which limit adjuster? give links

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wow :O, looks not good, the installer tries to install Opera and Antivir, if you don't be careful

have you also installed Opera browser and Antivir?


About the limit adjuster, it's totally outdated, it never was stable

Install this limit adjuster: fastman92 limit adjuster or this: ThirteenAG/III.VC.SA.LimitAdjuster , if you need any


For the rest, i don't know if it could work fine and i'm too lazy to check it out


But i think as first you need your game back working


So, did you made a backup of the game files?

you need to restore following files:







If you did that, then remove following files from GTA SA root directory:








and then remove these two file from cleo folder

Gangs are friendly.cs


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ok! but is there any way to fix it i really love this mod😄

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There's an easier way to do this kind of thing but it'd take a bit more work from you. Assuming you have the normal mods that enable other turfs on the map that aren't GSF/Vagos/Ballas, you could manually just put new peds into the gang pedgroups as well as install skins of your choice. Heck, you could even add new peds if you don't want to replace any. Then you could edit territories that appear on the map with the Savegame Editor. It's what I do, because I trust the Savegame Editor more than any random CLEO script off the internet.


As for most automatic installation, you never know what it could screw up, I'd also advise doing this manually and testing it bit by bit so you know what would specifically crash your game. I'm into doing these kind of mods myself and I apply them in the aforementioned way above (manually, more separate, and by myself).  


But if you don't want to do that, then try installing the mod manually. Make sure your game works before you install the mod (obviously, so you don't point fingers at something that isn't bogus), then install each script slowly and test them out individually instead of smacking everything in at once. Good luck. 

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