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Catastrophic graphic quality reduction after installing two other games


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I play GTA V since 2016.

I installed two other games (Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon Wild Lands) but after that GTA V graphic quality badly reduced.

Now I removed them after completing the story but the problem still remains.

No setting changed in graphic setting section.

This is the files/programs still remained after deleting the games.

I think one of them was on my PC during playing GTA V but the rest installed after I installed those games.


Please guide me to solve the problem. My GTA V had excellent graphic and quality, now its quality is like GTA III ! really reduced.










And I can't remove any of them to understand if the problem is because of them or not. This is the error during uninstalling:



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Other programs cannot interfere with GTA V's graphics quality, especially not VC redists. You've f*cked something else up. And "graphic quality badly reduced" is about as vague as it gets.

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Would you care to post examples of what makes your "graphic quality badly reduced"? Unless you're using global graphic settings in your GPU settings, like Helegad said, other programs won't interfere with GTA V's graphics as far as their quality. Try deleting your settings.xml file in your documents then verifying the games cache.

Edited by RetroMystic
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In fact I did not change any setting on the PC. This happened after I installed some new games.

But the problem not solved after deleting the other games.


I also deleted settings.xml too but problem not solved.


Today I installed another game (Hitman 2016/2017) again and I saw this graphic quality reduction happened on Hitman too.


This is a general thing.


Do you have any idea how to check or solve this issue?

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Resolution?, Frame rate?, Textures?, Pop up? how exactly are the graphics effected?.

Also what type of PC are you running and what specs has it got?

You could try going into the gpu's control panel (Right click on a empty part of screen in windows, you should see a option for your gpu's control panel) and check the settings.

And also check your drivers are updated.

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