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League of Legends (CvC)


League of legends (crew vs crew)  

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  • Poll closed on 08/31/2018 at 10:00 AM

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As in recent days playing gta online iv fallen to realize that slowly slowly the free mode public lobbys has become more cancerous towards eachother, this as it is for me, is quite a bad entertaining product.

Dont get me rhong, I love the game and I consider it a masterpiece despite its flaws, but due to the general player base I cant find my self any good challenges anymore. 

Im a pvp focused player, but one of those that enjoys an action packed mission...like the adversary modes. But it seems not many are in this kind of play style. 

Iv noticed that generally speaking you either have the grinders, the tryhards and then the casual/noob players...

Im here for one reason, the crews. 

The crews

The crews have been here since day 1. 

Crews are here for what I think to help each other when needed. There are all kind of them focused as-well on a common play style. 

Now iv seen in youtube those famous 1v1 by the beach or at the base, indeed very popular in the tryhard community, but where are those epic crew vs crew??????

Representing an individual as in best player at whatever game style (motmus, the professional, mrboss ftw...) all of these at their respective labour in the player community is all good, but I feel there is that part as representing a crew missing. There are crews out there that make recruiting videos in such a way that it feels like a total different game with in the game. And when shown some action packed scenes against other players it seems to me pretty epic and fun!

A CvC league

A simple league done with elimination points,    6v6 or 8v8 and who ever looses is out...

One or two Referees to keep established rules at bay.

If this is interested by a majority of players I will gladly host and open a new thread where crews can sign in with timetables suited to everyone.

This thread is just a to see how many would be interested.

Poll added. 

Poll can close on the 31 of August.

Edited by dino722
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My brother used to play LoL.

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How the f*ck are you supposed to read that?

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Font is throwing me off OP, why must you be different? Conform!


Crew vs Crew battles are a good idea, but these happen regularly all the time in public lobbies as they are now. It's not a special development. 


You mention a Crew vs Crew League of sorts. Not really sure how that would work or how it would be hosted, what the parameters are, etc. Need more details and ideas there, but not a bad idea overall. 


In the meantime, just have fun in public lobbies. Stand Your Ground is and selling business cargo in public lobbies always attracts people. If you do either while in a crew chances are you'll get put to the test. 


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42 minutes ago, Gaffa said:

^ Locked.


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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