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GTA III Gangs And Territories

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Hello. In this thread, I will post information about GTA III gangs. You know: Leader, turf, that sorta thing. I gonna put every gang in terms, by strength. From strongest to weakest. Also I gonna rate each gang up to 5 stars*. 1 star - very weak. 5 stars - very strong.

 So, let's do it. ALSO, FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME IF I DONE SOME MISTAKES! Also, this includes gang's as GTA III only!


 1. ( Was debating which gang to put the 1st, so yeah). Leone Family. ****


   Leader: Salvatore Leone ( mid 1980's - 2001).( It is implied, that there was at least one

 more leader, before Salvatore took over).

   Turf: Saint Marks, Harwood, Red Light District. Don't have  full control, but have businesses in Chinatown, Trenton, Atlantic Quays.

   Weapons: Shotgun, Uzi. ( these are only free roam weapons, in missions, they may use different or more weapons).



2. Columbian Cartel. ****


  Leader: Cisco ( 2000).

               Miguel and Catalina (2001).


  Turf: Fort Staunton, Cedar Grove. Also have a container ship, in which they make SPANK in Portland. They also using the Airport, to smuggle SPANK. Also has a compound, in Aspatria.

  Weapons: AK-7, Uzi.



3. Yakuza. *** 1/2


  Leader: Kazuki Kasen (1998).

               Asuka and Kenji Kasen (2001).


  Turf: Torrington, Bellevile Park. Do not controll, but have businesses pay protection to them In Bedford Point. After mission Grand Theft Aero, partialy controls Fort Staunton. And maybe, controls some of Newport.

  Weapons: Uzi, Pistol.



4. Triads. ***


  Leader: Unknown.

  Turf: Chinatown, Callahan Point ( only the Fish factory and area around the Callahan bridge).

  Weapons: Uzi, Pistol, Baseball Bat.



5. Yardies. ** 1/2


  Leader: King Courtney.

  Turf: Newport.

  Weapons: Uzi, Pistol, Baseball Bat.



6. Southside Hoods ( or Red Jacks and Purple Nines). **


  Leader: D- Ice ( Red Jack Leader).

  Weapons: Uzi, Pistol, Baseball Bat.



7. Diablos. *


 Leader: El Burro.

 Turf: Hepburn Heights.

 Weapons: Baseball Bat.



8. Forelli Family. * ( as of 2001. Forelli's are technically subordinate to Leone's, but trying to break out).


  Leader: Sonny Forelli ( around 1970 - 1986).

               Marco Forelli (1986-1992? maybe).

               Franco Forelli (1986/92- 1998).

               Unkown (2001. Could be Mike Forelli?).

  Turf: Saint Mark's Bistro, Warehouse in Atlantic Quays.

  Weapons: Uzi.



9. Honorable Mention.

Zaibatsu Corporation. A gang from GTA 2 is still present in GTA III. although not  physically appears in the game. But are mentioned on radio and on Liberty Tree Article.



 There you have. They might be mistakes, I'll try to fix them. Tell me, if you found some.


 Resources Used: Game Itself, GTA Wikia, My Personal Knowledge.


Edited by NewGuybj

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Diablos use pistols too (if you jump on the roof of a car)

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