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g3SFX - a SFX utility for III/VC and Manhunt (PC)

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Hello :)

g3SFX is a utility that allows you to extract and build SFX.SDT and SFX.RAW archives for GTAIII/VC* and Manhunt (PC).


Why use g3SFX?

With g3SFX you can extract sound effects with original names and directory tree information and build directly from that. No need to struggle with sound IDs anymore, just browse the generated sound effects folder, replace the sound you want, build, play!**




How does it work?

In order to build the archives for the game, Rockstar used a listing file called sfx.lst, where developers kept track of the sound effects file paths and names. When a file like that is available, g3SFX can read it and extract with original filenames and then build as well. sfx.lst is available as a leftover in GTAIII mobile and Manhunt PC.


How to use?

There is a sample ini file where you specify the mode (extraction or build) and the path to required files. There's a ReadMe which explains the process in detail. 


Where's the download?


I have also included GTAIII's sfx.lst for convenience (since it only exists in mobile version). For Manhunt PC, this file is available in the audio folder.

Ah, forgot to mention the tool is open source; if you want to check it out, the source is on github.



  • All sound effects must be Mono, signed 16-bit PCM WAVs. 
  • Some sound effects have hardcoded properties, such as sample rate. So unless you patch those values with some sort of plugin or Cheat Engine, replacing may be buggy.


*There's no sfx.lst file for GTAVC available, so while you have the option to extract without names, you can't build an archive. Unless you make one

**Theoretically, check disclaimer

Edited by guard3
Improved description
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Thanks man :^:

Edited by kretin8
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Vadim M.

Holy smokes! Nice job!👍

What about PS2? 😛

If only someone made a decent III/VC gxt editor...

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