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pause screen map

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Well, it's been a few years since i've jumped onto last gen, mainly because I couldn't gain access (I think it was due to when I changed the router)


Anyway, I noticed that the pause screen map on last gen is in full colour but current gen is in grey scale.


Anybody know why Rockstar changed this? I personally prefer the full colour look.



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Hmmm nice bike

I forgot that the map was full color on last gen! I have to agree, I like the old look better. I have no idea why they’d change it to something a little darker and more reminiscent of GTA IV’s pause menu map, especially given the much lighter feel that the game was meant to have. 


Some of the fonts are also different (specifically where it says “Grand Theft Auto V” on top and the character name, time and cash that the player has). I’m guessing that these were just random cosmetic upgrades that somebody at Rockstar thought looked better compared to how they looked before.

Edited by Hmmm nice bike

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Are you kidding me? Is GTA 5 pause screen map really full colour on older consoles? I always hated the depressing grey radar on PC, and now I hate them even more for changing it.




I just googled it, it was fairly washed out anyway. I preferred the SA style map :)

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Last gen designs were better, especially the radar, yeah its just basic textures but it looked good, all nice and framed with a boarder with cut outs for health, armour and abilities. Compared to now where its this model map, which requires AA to look good and then it just fades out at the edges as the health/armour/ability bars just float there. 

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I don't know about you guys,  but on my PC the borders don't even fade out. It's very obvious that there is the map, and then the outside border which is slightly more transparent, and it just looks bad.

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