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Need Help With Ethernet Cable For PS4 Pro


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Hey you guys... have a question...
Going to upgrade to the PS4 Pro and I am thinking of getting the Vandesail CAT7 RJ45 Network Ethernet Cable
for it. I am on a fiber broadband network and the Vandersail will be plugged into the router and to the Pro. Is the
Vandesail CAT7 RJ45 Network Ethernet Cable a good one to be using with the Pro? Or should I get a Cat 5e instead.
Thanks for helping.

Vandesail CAT7 RJ45...
Edited by qOjOp
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On 8/15/2018 at 11:18 PM, qOjOp said:

According to Amazon own post it says the Vandesail Ethernet Cord is perfect for consoles as it's a High Speed Ethernet Cord if you're still unsure then scroll down to the bottom of the page where there is a Q&A and ask the question there.


I don't think you really need any specific brand of ethernet cords, I personally have a $10 ethernet cord I bought at walmart for my Gaming Rig and I get 70mbps which is actually 20mbps then i'm suppose to get and it's just a gernic brand cord


Anytime I have asked a question regarding technology I've always gotten a decent answer either from people who know what they're talking about  or from the sellers themselves

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That looks like one of those overpriced niche products. I'd never buy it when you can get a longer perfectly good Cat 5e or 6 cable for less.

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