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Steve Haines and Troy???

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*NOTE* I haven't played GTA V at all recently but I plan to play through it again as I just got done beating GTA IV again and all it's DLC. However, there was something that got me thinking when playing through TBOGT. After playing through the game to a certain point you will meet a guy named Troy, which is the nightclub bouncer for "Gay" Tony's nightclub Hercules. He is a minor character to the story and is forgettable for most. However, for me all I can do is just compare him to Steve Haines. For starters Steve Haines and Troy are both voiced by Robert Bogue and both Steve Haines and Troy look very similar and even have the same dimple on their chin. But it doesn't stop there. Steve Haines is said to have gotten his TV show the "Underbelly of Paradise" back in 2008 which is the same year as the timeline of GTA IV and both it's DLC's. There's even more proof to back this theory, like the fact that Troy even mentions that he is going to get a TV show made by the same people that made the documentary series on Manny Escuela and the "streets" of South Bohan. Except Troy's show was said to be focused around nightclubs and such. If this theory happened to be true then that would mean that Troy (Steve Haines) would've already been an FIB Agent as the wiki states that he joined in 1993. My guess is that he was undercover trying to infiltrate the darker side to the Liberty City nightlife scene and might have even been investigating Tony Prince as he is almost always asking Luis to let him switch over to Tony's other night club "Maisonette 9" which seems to be Tony's main hangout. Some may say that it does state on Steve's wiki that his place of birth is Los Santos however he could've easily went over to Liberty City at some point and back to Los Santos later on. Another thing that people may mention is that Steve's show is also said to have only focused on the crime in Los Santos and says nothing about Liberty City. So my guess is that Troy (Steve) moved back to Los Santos for the start of his new show and what he told Luis about the show was just a cover for what his show was really about. One other thing people may say is that they have different names but Troy is only known as "Troy" which could be Steve's middle name or simply just a fake alias.


(For those that are wondering) I made this topic because I can't find anything what so ever comparing the 2 characters other than the fact that they are voiced by the same person. Another reason is because people like to compare Steve Haines to Agent 14 from GTA Online which can easily be debunked. For starters Steve Haines is voiced by Robert Bogue and Agent 14 is voiced by Ryan Farrell. Secondly, Agent 14 is confirmed to be affiliated with the IAA in some way in the "Doomsday Heist" update for GTA Online. While Steve Haines on the other hand is FIB. Don't forget that the FIB and IAA are basically at war during the events of GTA V and Steve Haines seems to advocate violence towards the FIB's counterpart. Lastly Steve Haines can be killed at the end of the GTA V story so how would they be the same character if the "Doomsday Heist" and "Gunrunning" updates take place in 2017 (4 years after the GTA V main story). Rockstar usually doesn't confirm which choices throughout the GTA games are cannon so I doubt that this would be an exception.


I would love to know what some of you guys think and let me just note once again that I haven't play through GTA V recently so if there's something said by Steve Haines in the main story that debunks this theory or some other form of proof then please post it on this topic.

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This is indeed a very interesting topic!But, seriously do you think Troy and Steve have a similiar aspect?!Not even close!But what you just said really putted me thinking, they really have a lot of similiarites (not physical in my opinion)  but...no, they're definetly not the same person. Steve Haines joined the FIB in 1993, and in the following years he became a highly ranked FIB special agent around or before 2008. His FIB special agent reputation and ranks got him to the Underbelly of Paradise in 2008. I dont think the FIB places such ranked agents infiltrated in a gay nightclub. I dont think this operation would lead him to be invited to be the host of the underbelly of paradise which is set in Los Santos crime underground, but according to you, he was inside the Liberty City underground, why would someone invite a special agent infiltrated in the LC underground to be the host of a show about the LS underground?Besides, i dont think Steve would want or need to audition for Tony's cabaret and a celebrity guest at Hercules, supermodel Kerry McIntosh.

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