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New model army

gta nob

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I'm stuck on the mission "New model army" and i just can't finish it. Its so hard for me i've tried this mission atleast 10 times and i don't even know if my controls and buttons are right so please guys give me your best advice it would be apperciated and im playing on pc thank you

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Best advice, is to get a USB Generic GamePad for game play as Rockstar indented it. UNLESS you have the STEAM Game.

Presuming you have the basic controls and it is the timing that is throwing you off.

1. Pick up the bombs First and Second Tanks on the route.  Use the 'Copter's Shadow as the guide to know when you are over the tank'

2. Destroy the Tank (first on the route). Ignore Zero's whining.

2. Get the plank and place it at the first crossing,

3. Clear the barrels for Zero.

4. Bomb the last tank.

5. Move the plank to the next crossing. (this saves time) Or go get the next plank.

6. Clear the remaining barrels, and you are done.

[it is also possible to bomb the other  'copter, but it wastes time unless you are skilled or lucky.]



Post your current game save,

use: http://gtasnp.com/

It does not require membership or any complicated or Ad infested activities.

this also allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice


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If you do want to do this for yourself, here is how I bind my keys to make this easier for me. under vehicle controls, fire is Lshift, forward is Up arrow ( not num pad), WASD keys stay the same as for driving. back is (you guessed it) Down arrow.  Use the fire key to pick up (and drop) bombs, planks and the obstructing barrels  in Zeros path. method 1: pick up a bomb first, (ignore Zero whining at ya) and kill two Tiger Tanks [use your Goblins shadow to gauge when you are above the tank],  then grab a plank and  bridge the first gap. then you can start removing barrel obstructions for Zero.  you can use the same plank for the other gap after zero goes across, but if you don't do it right, the plank can get stuck in the ground (better to just get another plank). now, bomb the last tank, and keep removing barrels out of the path until Zero makes it across the Rubicon.you should finish with plenty of time left on the clock.

Edited by ChasingCoyote
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Ignore Zero's whining for the first three minutes at least.  He will go on and on about any obstacle in his path so no need to pay attention at the start.


Grabbing bombs and removing the tanks is the best strategy (kudos to those placing it at the top of their hit lists).  But you need to remember that after dropping a bomb you should be grabbing a barrel blocking the path during the return flight to your base.  You should prioritize the tank closest to Berkley's base.  (You can also drop a bomb on Berkley's helicopter if you get frustrated or just for fun),


Ideally as you are flying on the bombing runs you should be scanning the battlefield for barrels to move which allow Zero to move forward but not get potentially near one of the tanks.  Barrels close to spots you need to bridge later are the best to move first.  Barrel removal does not need to be neat or pretty.  Activate the magnet swoop down and hug the ground until you grab it.  Move it slightly and release.


The bridge planks are the next priority, as they can't be removed.  So ideally 3 minutes in you should have blown up both tanks and moved two barrels.  Do not recall the total number of bridge planks needed, but as long as you have 4 minutes left you have plenty of time assuming the tanks are eliminated.  Follow the same strategy as with the bombs, place a plank move a barrel before getting the next plank.  The only difference is on return trips for additional planks you do want to remove any barrels immediately blocking Zero's path.


You are going to spend the last 2 minutes just removing barrels from Zero's path.  Berkley will drop barrels until the end, so remember removal does not have to be pretty.


Good Luck two more tries should be all you need.  Remember their is another rc helicopter so do not worry ever about crashing or getting to close while dropping a bomb.

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