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Help with an MC patch please

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Posted (edited)

   Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me with a patch I'm trying through inkscape and gimp and I'm just screwing it up a lot. My ideal patch I want to be modeled off of the actual Vagos MC patch (https://onepercenterbikers.com/vagos-mc-motorcycle-club/) I don't of course want to copy the exact character in the middle but replace him with a demon and the wheel and wing on the bottom of the patch be replaced with flames like he's raising up from hell. The club name is Unholy Ones, which would be on top. I would like the MC be placed just like it is on the original Vagos patch, a 1% diamond on the left side. I would like it a lighter green than the Vagos patch with red lettering for the club name and a bottom rocker that is not connected to the main patch claiming Los Santos as territory. If anyone could please help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated. And thank you guy's in advance for this. I unfortunately do not have an instagram nor a kik I am sorry if that will be a problem. Oh the main color of the club would be green and demon and lettering would be a blood/burgundy red the lettering can be sandscript like how the Hells Angels is or Old English looks really good too I'd be happy with any of those. If I could have mother chapter put on the patch where ever you would think would look good would again be greatly appreciated. Thank you again!  

Edited by Ratwitch
forgot to add text format request

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Thank you so much that looks AWESOME I love it Thanks again man 


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