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[GTAO] That One, Most Satisfying Thing You Love Most About GTAO


Recommended Posts

Remember when you first logged onto GTAO and breathed in the entire landscape?
The cars, the pedestrians, the buildings, the sky and weather – everything!

But, beyond being able to shoot each other, run each other over, blow things up, or even beat each other senseless with just bare knuckles,
there were so many things that really got our blood pumping about the game.

Now, we take most of those things for granted and usher by them without much notice at all.

Some of my favorite things that I found absolutely stunning about the game were just so simple and silly, that now I am surprised at how much I enjoyed them!
For example, discovering those yellow road dividers out by the military base that you could run down – that sound was a joyous tickle in my ear!
Driving a stolen Futo down from the top of Mt. Chilliad made me giggle like a little sister!
And learning that I could actually do a wheelie on a Bati 801 and jump over railings and onto rooftops.

These are some of the old-school pleasures most of us took in the game that landed outside standard gameplay.
Things that just simply made us happy and derive sublime pleasure from the game, in a deeper and more intimate way.

What was that one, most satisfying thing you discovered in GTAO that you just loved more than anything else – besides using weapons,
killing other players, blowing stuff up and causing overall general mayhem?


Edited by fw3
Edited for extremely personal reasons you wouldn't understand. :O
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Just the sunny days.

I love emerging from my apartment or office to a beautiful sunny day, soaking up all that virtual vitamin D.


It feels like a sunny Saturday morning, where everything is potential, and the day is yours.

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On call heists that just go through without a hitch. Very satisfying for me, CMM challenges too, but they are rarer and more effort all round actually makes it easier than expected.


Series A's elite challenge was tight, took a good few goes, lol.


But the one thing I'm very very satisfied with is I can fly fairly well now, lol.


No way am I @Happy Hunter good, lol. But when I first started in GTA V I was struggling with a few of even story modes flight school. Online's was a real git. But after these years and going back over both story and online's schools, I breezed through and only needed one or 2 attempts.


Quite chuffed with that. Still a car man, but nice to know I can. :)

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The detail of the world in the game, try driving a convertible with the music off using headset, you'll hear the wind gust whispering at you, amazing

And the lively city, it's better compared to the crew 2 or nfs free roam, it's like the enviroment always alive when you are driving, flying, sailing around the map, would be amazing if there are some air traffic in the game too, maybe in GTA VI

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Cackling Jack

Driving my futo rigged wuth sticky bombs into the gun shops. Driving off mount chillard with a camper van or journey. Landing my planes in middle of populated freeways. Stuff like that I generally enjoyed doing. On call heists as well to add it to the list.

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That's a toughie fw3.....


I guess buying my first apt eclipse  and buying my first lambo which I still have in my garage. 

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More than anything, the one thing that still makes this game worthwhile (even if that means ignoring bugs, horrible new gimmicks, all that nonsense) is the sense of place. Even in single-player, there might be more detail in some areas, but between the slightly bass-ackwards approach to car ownership and the overriding demands of the story, it doesn't quite match what GTAO offers.


As in, you can start the game in your house, look out of the windows on to the city, see everything out there in real time, head into your garage and actually see all your unique cars parked inside, get in, drive out of the garage, head into the world, leave your car parked somewhere, go somewhere else, come back to your car, and ...hey - it's still there! There's that real feeling of ownership of vehicles, object permanence, etc. - and while other games do bits of that*, it's the full combination of all those different features that add up to make the place feel more real.


*for instance, both Mafia II and Saints Row have similar approaches to car ownership, but you can't enter your garage and just wander around, looking at your cars - and you can magically summon any car from any garage, which makes garages feel like portals to a magical shared pocket realm, instead of unique buildings actually in the world. In past GTAs, you just 'borrow' random street cars as resources, and they disappear if you leave them outside the few designated save areas.



In fact, personal vehicle ownership in GTAO is what I'd argue is the big game-changer, there - and I hope R* realises that. With a bit of luck, they'll incorporate a more GTAO-like garage system into GTA VI single-player, whereby you have actual permanently-saved garage slots, and not just 'vehicles only save if you leave them in your safehouse garage'.

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Leading up to launch I was ecstatic to find out there was a real deal Mustang parody in the game, in the GTA Online trailer it's seen sliding across the screen. We've always had a few cars that came close, or close enough when you squint, but this time my ride finally made it in. When I found out it was called the Dominator it made it even better. 


So as I am playing through the story, looking everywhere, couldn't find one. Finally, during the mission where you steal the Z Type, the multistory car park is f*cking FILLED with Dominators that you steal the Z Type from. I go and get in the Z Type, realized what was surrounding me, got out and stole my first Dominator. Failed the mission and stored the car. 


Getting in that car, hearing the excellent sound, feeling the power as I stole it. That was my most satisfying feeling.

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Randomly meeting people who are odd the same ways I am.


The guy who I met playing Los Santos connection.  I randomly call in my monster truck, and we worked together to get that bastard over the jump at the airport. (Put a car to the left of the jump and It can climb over)


Or the guy I met in missions who decided to bail out of the car and rag doll through the delivery circle.  (I do this CONSTANTLY but he hadnt seen me do it yet)  my response upon seeing that was to say out loud, "my brother from another mother." and promptly sent a friend request.


Been friends with both those crazy dudes for years now.  That's def my favorite part of gta.

Edited by FrozenDanCicle
Koksucking auto correct
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Goofing around is still my favourite thing to do. Setting a car on fire and do a monsterstunt with it. Getting a 2 stars wanted level, hooking up the police cars with a cargobob and land them on a roof until it is full with police cars and angry cops. Letting NPCs in Sandy Shores fight each other. 2-3 years ago it was quite easy to find random players who would join the nonsense, doing molotov pvp, "defending" stores against the cops, doing challenges like landing a Mallard on top of a flying Titan, things like that. Nowadays everyone is either grinding or griefing, the playerbase has become too f*cking boring.

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The best thing is signing in and knowing I have a car collection. I can just hop in any car I like. Everything is already tailored to my specific tastes, all of the way down to the plate. And then I go for a drive, usually depending on the mood I'll have the music on or off. Soak in the beach vibe as I exit my Lomback West garage and drive up the coast. Usually I take the ocean highway up to the marshes, and then cut through the valley and storm up those meandering vineyard roads. It's really something else. feels like tdu3 at times i swear. If only the map were as big.

Edited by ddarko12
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It’s gonna be more than one. So here it goes.


1. Seeing other GTAOnline characters.


I love the diversity of it. Ranging from the ones that make me laugh and/or smile, the ones that make me inspired, and the ones that are unique. I appreciate the feature of it being in the game. It’s cool to see a variety of characters in different skins, parents, & different appearances. It’s even great when there’s some people on the GTAForums that further their character’s background/bio and tells a great story. That gets me inspired too, and it gives it life in a way.


2. Grasping the view of the city of Los Santos. 


The beaches are my primary go-to. Other places like Vinewood Hills, Chumash, Del Perro and Vinewood itself are my secondaries. Sightseeing those portions of the city always caught my eye. I tend to go to Vespucci Beach A LOT. Even Del Perro and its Pier.


 3. Rockstar Editor.


Ever since it was released on that day, I was hooked. I was inspired by others that are talented with the R* Editor, & in the Snapmatic community. Still to this day, I’m learning and trying new things with it from time to time. Absolutely one of the best features that’s implemented into the game. And (hopefully) beyond.


Another splendid thread, fw3!


...and everytime I scroll up, your profile pic always have his eyes open for a split second (4 at the max). It still gets me. Lol 😂.

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For me it's just the random things that you see and do in the game...


From enjoying the sunset with friends: 




To seeing the Aurora for the first time... 







Edited by TheFroggmann
That's what I get for not reading the description... 
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Great topic as usual fw3 :^:


Present: the blimp of course

Past: the beauty of the weathersystem, followed by the mass of vehicles (helis, bikes, convertibles)

Future: unarmed Buzzard and still playing with crew/friends just for fun and ongoing joining randoms for all kinds of heists, missions and activities

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i remember i found some flippy containers down at the docks, and there was a gap to jump between two of these containers and you always made a faceplant hihihi i enjoyed this for hours!! boing boing boing! why my character didn't show me the finger and faded away i still don't understand today hihihi

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Many things already having been mentioned, I'll add:


- flying my Crop Duster

This deliciously useless treasure was the second purchase I actually kept grinding money for in those first days, right after that Apartment in South Rockford Drive, still using my convertible Tornado in missions :)


- riding my racing bicycle through the hills


- lately: Hanging out in my Nightclub


- on a more practical note, i still love the cha-ching sound after a job well done, very much so.  

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Driving around & enjoying the open world. Chasing the almighty dollar made me too dependent on helicopters.


I returned to my roots recently, more cars, less choppers. & It feels great.

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Sentinel Driver

llIIIllIIlxx was obliterated


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The vehicles. (the normal, non-weaponized ones...)


Vehicles and everything centered around them. Cars and motorcycles mostly. The different handling of each vehicle, the sheer amount of vehicles, the vast variety of customization combinations to be done with each vehicle, the fact that driving in this game is solid and fun YET it's not a "driving-only" game, you can get out of your vehicle and do other stuff just as well.


And just the immersive world. I usually play alone so no need to worry for people joining in and ruining my day, can go 1st person and lose myself doing the most random sh*t just enjoying each sunset as it comes..



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When you're in a stunt race with no catch-up on, and you're in the zone, where every corner is on the limit, every barrier is just a couple of millimeters away, you're motoring up through the field of players without collision and every jump, loop, twist and turn feels like you are absolutely flying.



Edited by Big Molio
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Don Kotletti

Agreeing with many of the statements prior to me, but as I'm all about audio in a game I side with the atmosphere created especially by audio elements. Hearing lawn mowers in suburban areas, constant cricket sounds ether at night or in rural areas on a hot day, those oil derricks just being oil derricks in the night, the ocean waves, raindrops on the car roof, the sound of a distant highway, et cetera, et cetera


A video game can greatly enhance a players experience when they just nail the things you experience in real life with your senses. And because most video games (maybe all..?) rely only on seeing and hearing, one should not only concentrate on stunning graphics, because without proper sound it's a waste of effort.


IMO ;)


So yeah, AMBIENCE is my thing.

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Hhhmmmm good tl;Dr question, what I love to do most is get in a jet and fly as low as possible while going by tall buildings and tunnels just like the pic you posted :D

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I have a couple, I can't tell what is more satisfying to me than the other, so I'll name then all:


-Driving all of my cars with earphones on;


-Winning a race with my non-race dedicated cars;


-Winning a premium race;


-One-Shooting peeps with my Heavy Revolver mk2 with incendiary rounds;


-"We're all business today!"


-Gunrunning Phantom Wedge sale;


-Shooting down Hydra/Lazer with my explosive ammo;


-Completing Headhunter under 2 minutes with my Buzzard(hard to pull off and requires luck, but it's possible);


-Shooting down jet bike Boi while they're in mid air.

Edited by Pedinhuh
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Pistol Bobcat

Soooo many things I could try and list, but since I've been on PS4 since December, I can think of many a things that make online on next gen so worth it.


-Owning my own personal hangar, with all these flying sex-in-the-skies death machines available to choose from, and having a  safehouse in the once uninhabitable Fort Zancudo. I bought the hangar on my first day playing (COUGH*CASH CARDS*COUGH) so this was the ultimate start for a hotshot helisexual Maverick like me.


-The freedom of it all, especially when it's invite only or me and my friends/crew find a solo public session far removed from all the passive popping jets and Barcodes.


-The seemingly never ending variety of different modes, missions and game types to choose from. Next gen upped the ante on this dramatically; On PS3, the only ways to make money (assuming you never hacked or were gifted by said hackers) was endless marathons of Groundtop Rumble or Pacific Standard once you mastered the helicopter methods :P


Here, you can be a lucrative CEO, a Son of Anarchy running Coke and Heisenberg meth, a Point Break thrill seeker going for those worthy Elite Challenges or play Han Solo and smuggle crates (some of the most enjoyable missions for me are the hangar ones). Heck, I only recently played the Deadline Adversary mode for the first time with a friend (wanted the shoes so that Lazlow isn't the only cool guy in my club...) Shows you just how much my crew and I have yet to try beyond our Free mode jobs.


-Nightclubs. Gotta be honest, I used to always play with the radio off, playlist becomes tired after a while, and GTA V's darker, more pessimistic and mean-spirited commercial satire becomes tiresome after a great deal of time (there was a thread years ago about how depressing the humour actually is now). But since this update, I've had reason to let the records spin again; the DJ's are all absolutely incredble (I still rank Tale of Us as the most forgettable though) and I do enjoy some of the original score they composed for Smuggler's Run and Doomsday. After all, like Kevin Bacon taught a generation, dancing is the greatest thing there is.

Edited by Foxhounder1990
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  • 2 weeks later...

Character creation, customization and personal vehicles without a doubt.


I love being able to be who I want to be in a R* created open world. Playing as Niko or John Marston was great but in Los Santos I can let creativity and imagination write my own backstory, and despite the usual channeling to criminal activity in game there's enough space to do my own thing (even if most of it only appears as carefully edited Snapmatic pics). 


Also, being able to have a car and apartment I can call my own was hugely satisfying - a nice evolution of the safehouses and parking bays of GTAIV :)

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My answer is similar to some I've seen above. I love a lot of things about this game but, at the center of it all, is my Dukes.


If I don't feel like working towards my rank or helping friends complete heists or other stuff they need, I just grab my favourite car and take it for a spin. From the moment I get in and the engine turns on, I fall in love all over again.


And, after doing that, I drive it outside of my little two-spot garage in Grapeseed and always find myself cruising north to the beautiful forest areas surrounding Paleto and Mount Chilliad. Sometimes I'll spend upwards of half-an-hour exploring that area, parking my car by the Bayview Lodge and exploring the rest of the area on foot. Once or twice I've even found myself nearly at the Alamo after walking all the way to it. And then there's the little details like the butterflies, dust whirling up in the air and the sounds of the water running along the river bed.


After seeing and experiencing all of this, I walk back to where I left my car and see the most beautiful sunsets diving behind the huge bridge that goes to Fort Zancudo. Some of my best screenshots were taken here. Rockstar have been crafting the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in games ever since GTA III.


In the end, I go back to my car and drive right back to my small home in Grapeseed, where it is stored. I swear that sometimes I turn the game on specifically to drive it to Paleto and experience what I just described over and over.


Thank you for the nice, wholesome thread, @fw3. :santa:

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There is no one favourite thing that I could choose, there are so many.

I'll therefore throw out a mention to something I suspect would be overlooked here.

After all the racing, shooting & explosions - I can wind down with my mates for a round of golf - In the same game!

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