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Are the Treasure Map digital pre-order bonus and the Collectors Box Treasure Map the same thing?


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I've contacted Rockstar to ask them this but they have some of the worst customer support I've ever seen and can't answer me. I have a physical version Ultimate Edition and the Collector's Box pre-ordered. I thought I was covered when it came to having all special/pre-order items in the game at launch.  Then I see that the digital pre-order treasure map offer ends on August 15th and the in-game treasure map is digital pre-order exclusive. My question is this: Is the physical Treasure Map that comes with the Collector's Box the same Treasure Map that you get in the game with the digital pre-order? I just don't want to miss out on any of the in-game items. Thanks!

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Now that's too late to get the digital treasure map, the Collector's Box is the other option. My hunch is they are the same. It's logical. The descriptions are similar about helping Arthur get a start on finding treasure hidden in Story Mode.

They could be devious, and have two sets of treasure locations that don't exist in the game unless they are unlocked by the digital preorder map or codes printed on the physical Collector's Box treasure map, in which case a person would have to own the digital preorder before the deadline AND the Collector's Box to get all the treasure.


But the simplest scenario is that the treasure locations exist, unlocked, in all versions of the game and both maps just show where they are, and that this information can be shared, so if you don't have an official map there will be unofficial copies soon. We'll see!

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Yes, it looks like its the same treasure map.

"Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support and for your question.

We understand your concern regarding the physical Treasure Map that is with Collector's Box same as the Treasure Map with the digital pre-order.

We would like to inform you that it is the same (contents in the Treasure Map) Treasure Map. For more information on this please go through the below link:

Rockstar Support"

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Yes, I read this article but I still believe that they added identical Treasure Map (the same treasure) to digital version and Collectors Box.


Don't forget that they extend the time you were able to get Treasure Map with the digital edition and as I checked with support on Thursday there's no copy left of the Collectors Box to buy.


If someone bought digital edition and the Collectors Box then they will have paper(?) version of the same map that Arthur will find in his pocket(?) or bag in the game.



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