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GTA isn't fun anymore

NinJA 2019

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Almost all of GTA online is filled with tryhards. I have a lot of time in GTA over 90 days of real time. And anytime I'm in an online session and get into a gun fight they will RPG you around corners, use automatic shotguns, use ghost org, and if you get them low health they will just kill themselves. I just left a lobby because I was being spawn killed by one guy who was using BST and ghost org, and killing himself after every kill. But then when I go ghost org, he just goes in passive and waits for it to go away. Then proceeded to jump out of a moving car so it would kill me, all while he was in passive mode. That's how its been for awhile, just everything player worrying about their precious KD, what is this COD, it doesn't matter! And if I try to do nightclub or CEO work they just spawn kill me in jets. Its not like I can go into a private lobby and sell goods, I'm just forced to endure assholes in every lobby.

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Rashkovskys Shiv

You can create a solo public lobby for yourself on Pc and PS 4 in seconds, I don't know about Xbox. 


I'm on Ps4 and all you do is change your mtu settings to anywhere between 700-800 and boom, you load into a solo lobby, sometimes someone joins,all you do is leave and you get put in another one alone. 


I can't belive you played so long without knowing this method 😒



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So you know where the B&M section is right?

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Please use the topic linked ^


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