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What was Tenpenny's plan? [if he survived EOL]

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If had lived and escaped SA after End Of The Line?


Edited by lil weasel

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To get drunk and get laid. You got a problem with that? 

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Evil empire

Living in Avalon to grow Pedobear-ish animals.



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lil weasel

Any comment would be pure Speculation. The Story having its bas in the Watts riots it can be surmised that, for one. He would have returned to the department, Not Fled because (he was Exonerated). So Careerwise he was in the Chips. Might even been promoted.

There would be no proof of his drug relationship with Big Smoke, since it all Burned.

Carl would up on attempted Murder Charges, with his brother, Again. And no connections to Toreno  could save them this time.


Tenpenny would live happy ever after.

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Lethal Essential

He likely of given the Ballas more influence under the table. Maybe of attempted another driveby at the Johnson house, with coked-out Ballas carrying orders out. A whole heap of things could of happened, but like Ryder once said, "Let's just bask in the silence of victory..."

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Although both Tenpenny and the C.R.A.S.H. unit claim and appear to be ordinary police officers, Tenpenny and the others that make up the unit are extremely corrupt individuals who use their knowledge of the gangs they are hired to stop to coerce them into surrendering some of their profits and supplies to them, and regularly commit acts of police brutality, making them almost like a gang themselves but with the power of law enforcement behind them. source

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