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Social Club window loads, then goes blank. Game doesn't launch.



I've been having trouble with this all day, ever since learning about the new stone tomahawk you can get for RDR2 I wanted to play some GTAO and go earn it.


Keep in mind, I haven't played in a couple of months, and since then have gotten an SSD and replaced my C: drive with it. I mention this, because that is where Social Club installs by default. I've been looking at fixes all day, as the title of the thread states, I try to play GTA V on Steam, and the usual white Social Club window opens with the box art to the side, it loads and even spins to show it's loading with a clickable cancel button visible. After about a minute, it stops loading and the cancel button disappears. I have also tried waiting for up to an hour to see if the game would launch, it does not. This has never happened to me before, and I've logged over 245 hours on my Steam account playing with zero issues until now.


I have tried all number of things, I've searched tonnes of threads of people with the same problem and the general solution is to go into your AppData folder into Local and delete whatever is inside of your GTA V folder. Many people reported success on this and saying it works. Trying for myself, it has never worked and my issue remains. A secondary solution is to manually download the Social Club installer from Rockstar, which I also tried, and every time I try it tells me that GTA V isn't installed on my device. After hours of trial and error, I managed to have it stop doing that and install, but it did not fix my problem or the blank screen and the game not launching. I believe I fixed that with messing around with regedit and entering manually the installation path like a bunch of people suggest, but honestly it was hours ago and I'm tired now. I reinstalled the entire game and that method doesn't work anymore, I still get the "Not installed" BS message window. I've tried switching what drive GTA is installed on, installing it on the same drive as my Social club and any other drive to see if it would work, even putting SC and GTA on the same drive that isn't C drive, which just makes the launcher stop responding entirely. I'm running every program (Steam, GTA, SC, launcher) all with administrator privilege and running them as administrator through properties, it seems to make no difference. I updated my graphics drivers, got the latest versions of DirectX and Visual C++ also as the official Rockstar knowledge base recommends.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything I could possibly think of, Social Club, the game itself, reinstalling it fresh onto new drives, verifying Steam cache repeatedly, restarting my computer upon every new method, nothing works. I have no idea. I just want to play GTA Online but the Social Club window is stopping me dead in my tracks every single time. I have no idea if the problem lies with SC itself, or some weird sh*t I haven't noticed in any of my folders or something. I'm completely stumped and my last resort was to bother you guys over here about it, I've run out of ideas and can't even find any more people with the same issue with new solutions.

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After more hours of being stubborn and slamming my head against a wall, I figured it out and have it working like brand new. Before I installed my SSD I made a backup of my documents etc, and managed to track it down and find my old Social Club folder. All I had to do was copy and paste it over the "new" folder and merge the contents etc. After that, it worked a charm. It was a pain in the ass to find, but if anybody else has this problem hopefully they see my thread and it helps.

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