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Barriers Between Islands - Versions, Info and Tools


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Barriers Between Islands - Versions, Info and Tools


GTASnP has recently been updated with a new report on Enabled IPLs, the object groups that manage the barriers between islands and a few other objects in San Andreas. The main purpose of this topic is to provide a place to document the results of testing the new report and options for modification on SnP, but while were working on it I wanted to provide a description of these objects, information on how they are used and change as the story progresses, and reference on tools that can modify their flags.

Which version do I have?


It's hard to tell without uploading a new game save to SnP and checking the Enabled IPL report. But here's a summary of the version info for reference.

EXE Version - Doesn't matter for barriers. This is simply a file ID at the start of the save. Version 2 will refuse to load a save without the proper ID. V1 doesn't care, and Steam with the SilentPatch doesn't care either.

Script Version - Doesn't matter for barriers. You must have a matching script version to load the save or it will crash the game, or simply start a new game. You can swap out your scripts or convert the save to maintain compatibility.


IPL Flags - This is the critical factor for barriers and other objects, and is dependent on the version of GTA3.IMG used. Unmodified games will have the expected IPL version. Steam (v3) will use v2 barriers. Some downgrade patches will change GTA3.IMG to have IPL flags compatible with v1. Upload a new save and check the SnP report to verify which version of barriers and objects that you will see and control.


What are the different object groups and how are they used?


Barriers1 - Barriers blocking the bridges to San Fierro. These objects are enabled during the intro missions and removed when The Green Sabre mission is completed.


Barriers2 - Barriers blocking the bridges to Las Venturas. These objects are enabled during the intro missions and removed by completing Yay Ka-Boom Boom.


Truth - Truth's crops are enabled and disabled during the mission Are You Going to San Fierro. If a new game is started during this mission the flag will persist in the new save. The crops can be burned and will re-grow if CJ leaves the area and returns. V2 shares this flag with Crack v1 so it's normal for v2 Truth to be enabled on early v1 saves. Also, it's possible for v2 to remove this flag early by completing Are You Going.


Crack - These objects fill a large hole at the YKBB crack factory in San Fierro and are removed after that mission. If the objects are missing they will be placed during the mission, so a missing flag is only a minor concern. The hole is filled by a static replacement that is visible on any version after the mission. The area looks a little weird if the flag is not removed as some objects will overlap, but it doesn't seem to have any negative effects on gameplay.


Carter - These objects create the floor behind the smash wall at Smoke's East LS Crack Palace. Without this flag CJ won't be able to access the interior. The flag is enabled during End of the Line. If a new save is created after loading an EoL save this flag will persist in a new game. Note that the smash wall can be broken by a SWAT Van.


How are barriers and objects managed in the custom Chain Game saves where players from any version might be using the save?


The custom Chain Game saves use a hybrid configuration designed to maximize compatibility between versions. There are no barriers in the current save, so it doesn't matter who completes the critical missions; players should not be blocked by barriers because the wrong version completed a map altering mission. The configuration isn't perfect but shouldn't cause any issues as long as no one trying to convert the IPL flags.


Both flags are set for Truth's Crops. One version or the other will have this flag disabled after the mission. This might also cause the crack objects to disappear and leave a hole at the YKBB factory, but this has never caused any issues.


Both Crack objects are enabled to plug the hole at the YKBB factory for most of the story. After YKBB there will likely be conflicting objects at the factory for one version or the other, but again, no serious issue have been observed.


Both Carter objects are enabled. A SWAT Van is available at the LSPD impound for breaking the smash wall, allowing for early access to the interior and a hidden vehicle.

What tools are available for viewing or managing the barriers or other objects?


The recent update to SnP represents the first tool I am aware of that can display information on all 5 flags for both versions. Older tools, such as the Savegame Editor, can manage v1 barriers with check boxes, but have issues with v2. The Savegame editor has options to convert IPL versions but recent reports suggest that there may be issues with this process. More testing may help clarify the issues, which should be easier now that SnP properly reports the flag settings for either version.


In the past, SnP would set the appropriate barrier flags according to mission progress and version specified, but did not manage the other object flags. This process has been updated with new settings. I'll test the options before commenting further.


V1 New Game with Fresh Start https://gtasnp.com/n2zjce


Edited by OrionSR
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  • 2 years later...
On 8/9/2018 at 11:52 PM, OrionSR said:

Barriers1 - Barriers blocking the bridges to San Fierro. These objects are enabled during the intro missions and removed when The Green Sabre mission is completed.

As i know, the barriers been removed during all "Green Sabre" mission and if you fail this mission - barriers don't recover back and player can easily go through bridge to other island but it reach traditional 4 wanted level stars.

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