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The Map HUD

Lock n' Stock

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Lock n' Stock

I know it's a relatively minor observation but, anyone notice from the gameplay video that the 3D map from GTA V has been axed? Now, this isn't a big complaint from me, though I am curious as to why R* ditched it and went back to the old style. Any ideas?




On the other hand, I love how it has all cardinal points rather than just North.

Edited by Lock n' Stock
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That's because in gta v to be set at present , the hud map represents a gps, in rdr 2 they are representing it as a compass for the time

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The 3d view wasn't that great imo, i had to have the expanded radar constantly in gta v (in online especially) to see a good amount of the radar. I think that this radar allows for more detail on the radar and its also simple (which can be a good thing and is a good thing in this circumstance.)

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Likely because a 3D map doesn't fit the style of the game at all.

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I like it a lot. It blends in well with the era. A lot of video games make the mistake of utilising ultra sharp white HUD icons to look cutting edge and contemporary whilst not fitting the theme of the game well. This is minimalist while not looking complacent. Bravo.

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As said before, it is minimalistic but fits, and that's very hard to get that balance.


On the other hand what I don't like, the other cardinal points looks cool, but maybe would be kinda confusing for me at first because I've always being used to have just one, the North, in all previous games from R*


The typography maybe fits but is meh to me, I guess it's due that I don't like sherif fonts




and thank God they didn't used this on RDR1







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